Tuyển dụng Digital Account executive, Copywriter, PR executive, account Intern, designer, creative internClimax

1. Climax interactive
Climax Interactive Agency is looking for an experienced Digital Art Director who is responsible for the creation and execution of all interactive media. He/ she works with a multifunctional team of designers, writers, videographers, and web developers to create innovative and usable solutions that satisfy needs spanning ecommerce, digital storytelling, mobile, and in-store experiences.
Core Responsibility:
• Be a leading conceptual, visual communicator that can present well and tell stories in new, creative ways for our office and our clients
• Interpret client and peer direction into theme and design layouts for projects both large and small
• Provide a visual voice for multiple clients, including choosing the appropriate photography, font style and other visual assets, and follow established brand guidelines with accuracy and panache
• Improve everyone’s sense of design and help educate staff and clients on elements of good design
• Provide detailed scopes of work for upcoming projects, and manage a freelancer network of design talent for appropriate projects
• Create presentation boards and color layouts for client presentations
Desired Skills & Experience
• A conceptual thinker and master of user experience
• A minimum of 2 years of professional digital design experience. Advertising/promotional marketing agency experience preferred
• Exceptional communication and presentation skills
• In-depth understanding of HTML and CSS and the capabilities of web / mobile browsers preferred
• Excellent knowledge of ecommerce best practices. Up to date with current trends in web design
• Passion for interaction design, touch screen design, and mobile platforms and solid understanding of digital tools, trends, and infrastructure
• Extremely detail-oriented, understands production, and has creative flair
• Strong knowledge of typography and page layout
• BA in Fine Arts/Design preferred– or equivalent life experience
• Ability to effective manages multiple projects/tasks of varying complexities, meet deadlines and work well under pressure
• Able to function independently and positively within a team environment
Working Conditions:
• Sharing playlists with co-workers is required
• The studio/brainstorming room is nice and lively
• Work hard/ play hard. Top-floor bar and ping-pong table
Salary: $800 – $1500
• The drive to excel and succeed; self-motivated
• Actively live and breathe the company’s culture and lifestyle
• Self-aware and goal oriented with a desire for constant self-improvement
• Passionate, approachable, upbeat and fun

Digital Graphic Designer JD
-Take briefs (together with art director, CD and team) to assess the communication objectives –Prepare/ think concepts together with team, prepare mood board of illustrations, images, style color under guidance of art director.
-Produce and create digital Web and design solution including internal pages and custom page layouts, banners, etc for each digital design needed.
-Provide design expertise from concept to delivery, work closely with Art director, copy writer to ensure visual telling from concept to idea execution (graphic designer also contributes idea execution) also work with other designers to collaborate all item needed
-Ensure graphic solutions are optimized for integration, performance, usability and sustainability
-Work closely with the IT department to ensure continuation of a stable production environment

-A general understanding of all aspects of digital design needed
-3+ years experience designing front end user interface Web solutions using Adobe Creative Suite (i.e. Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver)
-Must be able to collect/understand requirements and design, explain, and negotiate feedback on wireframes.
-Expert in user-centered design process, specifically related to accessibility and Web standards
-Proven experience in handling relationships with creative team, account team, IT teams and external agencies
-Experience in working with a variety of specialties and levels of experience
-Excellent planning and organizational skills
-Must be able to handle confidential information and deal with issues sensitively
-Ability to prioritize, multi-task and meet deadlines

Bachelor’s degree in fine arts, graphic design, marketing, or related field OR at least 3 years experience as a graphic designer and/or Web designer professional

Email: hr@groupcworld.com
Tel : 0908 58 7900 (Nhung)

2. Optimize.vn: Nhân Viên Kinh Doanh

– Tìm kiếm, tiếp xúc khách hàng tiềm năng.
– Phát triển khách hàng theo yêu cầu được giao.
– Hoàn thành doanh số kinh doanh cam kết.
– Xúc tiến hợp đồng, theo dõi tiến độ, thu hồi công nợ (nếu có) đến khi khách hàng hoàn tất việc thanh toán.
– Theo dõi các kế hoạch khách hàng triển khai, thực hiện các hoạt động hỗ trợ để đảm bảo hiệu quả cho khách hàng.
– Xây dựng mối quan hệ tốt với khách hàng, đối tác và các cơ quan liên quan
– Thực hiện báo cáo công việc theo tuần cho cấp trên trực tiếp.
– Phối hợp với các nhân sự liên quan để thực hiện việc bán hàng và chăm sóc khách hàng được hoàn chỉnh.
– Tham gia vào quá trình đóng góp ý tưởng cùng các nhân sự liên quan, hoàn thiện các đề xuất dịch vụ cho khách hàng.
– Cập nhật kiến thức công việc qua việc đọc các sách báo về kinh doanh và tiếp thị.
– Gọi điện thoại 30 cuộc/ngày
– Cập nhật vào phần mềm CRM (công ty)
– Chất lượng cuộc gọi tối thiểu có 3 KH/tuần quan tâm đến giải pháp và gặp mặt trực tiếp để tư vấn
– Báo cáo tuần theo tiến độ dự án và công việc được giao
– Tìm kiếm KH tiềm năng thông qua internet
– Tối thiểu 1 năm kinh nghiệm tại vị trí tương đương.
– Có kinh nghiệm, am hiểu về Digital Marketing, bao gồm các hình thức Online Marketing và SEO là một lợi thế.
– Ngoại ngữ tiếng Anh giao tiếp mức độ khá.
– Kỹ năng trình bày văn bản, sử dụng Microsoft Office.
– Kỹ năng đàm phán, giao tiếp, thuyết trình, xử lý tình huống tốt.
– Yêu thích kinh doanh.
– Nhiệt tình, năng động, chăm chỉ, sáng tạo, lạc quan.
– Có khả năng làm việc độc lập và làm việc theo nhóm. Chịu được áp lực công việc cao.
– Lương theo thỏa thuận tùy theo năng lực và kinh nghiệm.
– Chính sách lương, thưởng: chính sách hoa hồng hấp dẫn (sẽ được thoả thuận chi tiết khi ứng viên tham gia vào công ty), tháng lương thứ 13, thưởng ngày lễ, thưởng thành tích tháng…
– Được hưởng các chính sách phúc lợi khác của công ty như hưởng các phụ cấp, tham gia các khóa đào tạo, du lịch công ty…
Số lượng cần tuyển: 01
Giới tính: Nam/Nữ
Thời gian làm việc: Thứ 2 – Thứ 6, 9h – 18h
Nơi làm việc: Công Ty Cổ Phần OPTIMIZE SOLUTION CORP. 15 Đống Đa, P.2, Q. Tân Bình, Tp.HCM.
Hồ sơ bao gồm: CV, Cover letter, bản scan CMND
Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 30/10/2015
Địa chỉ liên hệ: Công Ty Cổ Phần Giải pháp OPTIMIZE, 15 Đống Đa, P.2, Q. Tân Bình, Tp.HCM
Emaill liên hệ: hr@optimize.vn

Copywriter Freelancer
– Mô tả công việc: Viết bài cho website, bài SEO, PR
– Yêu cầu bài viết: độ dài bài viết từ 1000 đến 1500 từ ( trong đó từ khóa xuất hiện khoảng 10 lần)
– Yêu cầu khả năng: đọc hiểu Tiếng Anh, kỹ năng viết tốt, nhiệt tình với công việc
– Địa chỉ công ty: Lầu 7 Tòa nhà LTA, Số 15 Đống Đa, P.2, Q. Tân Bình, TP.HCM
Bạn nào quan tâm vui lòng gửi CV ứng tuyển về địa chỉ mail: HR@optimize.vn

3. Chuo Senko Vietnam: Account

Chuo Senko Vietnam is looking for an Account Supervisor or Senior Account Executive.
Coordinates scheduling, processing and trafficking of advertisements from inception to completion. Assists Account Manager in servicing customers.

More details will discuss when interview.
Please send your value C.V to: thunga@chuosenkovn.com – Ms. Thu Nga/ HRM


Digital Junior Planner/Planner
• Be passionate, enthusiastic & energetic in working & learning new things
• Be positive with a can-do attitude, even under high pressure & fast-changing environment
• Be reliable, flexible & cooperative
• Be honest & trustworthy
• Be open, outgoing, adaptable & diplomatic
• Have result-driven mindset with attention to detail
• Be committed with a genuine sense of fun
• Have own style, clear attitude & point of view
• Have interest in doing research & understanding about human behaviors
• Have interest in analyzing & clarifying deeper into a problem/situation
• Have strong research & analytical skills
• Excellent communicator, in person & writing
• Have high level in strategic thinking
• Be able to deliver clear & concise ideas, thinking to internal team in both English & Vietnamese
• Have excellent knowledge of local & regional culture & traditions, which affects people’s behaviors
• Have excellent knowledge of digital marketing, including all digital tools & channels
• Have strong leadership skills
• Assist Managing Director in tasks as required internally
• Support Management Team to develop & maintain strong relationship with strategic partners, media partners
• Accompany Line Manager/Account team to meet clients for briefing & identify their requirements
• To lead & evaluate insightful research related to client’s products, target audiences, services, competitors, target market
• To develop well-written, accurate & inspiring creative briefs with thoughtful insights & initial direction
• To advise Account team & Creative team with strategic direction that meets client’s brief & budget
• To develop proposal & present effectively to client in terms of conceptual ideas
• Investigate & utilize useful information from syndicated research sources
• Evaluate digital opportunities (media, search, PR, Social…) & recommend to internal team
• Analyze web metrics & suggest optimization solutions to internal team on running projects
• Conduct research on new digital trend & share to internal team
• Conduct internal training related to analytical thinking to team

• Strong knowledge and experience in OOP and MVC Frameworks.
• Experience in usage one of the following modern PHP frameworks, CMS (Phalcon, CodeIgniter, Zend, CakePHP, Laravel, WordPress, Magento …) is preferred
• Experience in SQL and Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, NoSQL…
• Experience in one of the front-end web programming languages: Jquery/Ajax, CSS, Javascript, Ember.js…
• Good knowledge in HTML5/XHTML/CSS/CSS3, Bootstrap, SASS
All CVs can send to hello@dna.vn. We will contact you soon !!!


Account Manager
a. Responsibilities:
– Successfully lead team to run and manage the projects on day to day basic to deliver project quality, good profit and client satisfaction
– Be responsible for team’s KPIs (Billing and profit).
– Be capable to allocate the budget effectively, judge the quotations and add value to the daily jobs to control the strategic direction.
– Be capable to support team to solve issues, problems during execution.
– Lead, inspire and drive the team (incl. line companies) to achieve the objectives (billing, profit, client building, people development and process improvement).
– Lead by sample and generate an environment of collaboration among the team.
– Develop team by coaching and training to improve skills.
– Contribute in working process improvement (internal, inter-companies and external).
– Business Development: support SAM/AD to approach new clients to sell company credential.
– Strategy: analyze fact, contribute strategy, make communication plan.
– Consultant: recommend client to the right direction.
– Client services: build and maintain the good relationship with clients.

b. Requirements:
– BA Degree (Major: Marketing, Business Administration or Foreign Languages).
– At least 2 years experiences at the same position (Account Manager).
– Used to work in Marketing field or Advertising industry

Strategic Planner
a. Responsibilities:
– Leading the planning for all assigned projects.
– Supporting business development.
– Follow through pitching process and make necessary adjustment until the directions are selected by the clients.
– Periodically report to Direct Supervisors (weekly, monthly, quarterly & annually).
– Research and study new trends or innovative case studies in PR, Social Media, Digital or Communications that have been done locally or globally

b. Requirements:
– Bachelor’s Degree in PR, Digital or Communication or Equivalent work experience
– 2-3 years experienced in developing Online PR or Digital strategic planning.
– Analysis, problem assessment: Strong Computer and Analytical Acumen and able to data mine and secure relevant information, identifying key issues and relationships from a knowledge base, relating and comparing data from different sources; identifying cause-effect relationships.
– Possess excellent presentation and writing skills.
– Have a good command of English, both speaking and writing.
– Understand how new technologies and consumer behaviors/insights are evolving to inform ideation.
– Have updated insights of market, including both Brands and Agencies

Concept Development Manager
– Biz-Eyes PR & Communication với định vị The Story Creator đang cần tuyển một Concept Development Manager, nôm na là người “dựng chuyện” cấp cao.

– Bạn là người có khả năng “nhả ngọc phun châu” với hai tay hai súng Anh – Việt nã ào ào, tư duy sáng tạo, viết lách, hùng biện, dựng chuyện đủ kiểu? Tinh thần trách nhiệm, kinh nghiệm bỏ túi nhiều năm? Bạn đích thị là người chúng tôi đang tìm kiếm!

– Bạn muốn tự do mặc áo chim cò quần híp hốp tới công sở? Bạn đang kiếm tìm một môi trường làm việc trẻ trung thân thiện, nơi giới tính không quan trọng bằng cá tính? Nơi 9h sáng tung cửa bước vào thấy chú bảo vệ hoan hỉ chào: “Hôm nay đi làm sớm vậy con?” Chúng tôi đích thị là nơi bạn đang kiếm tìm!

Please kindly send us CV at hr.recruitment@squaregroup.com.vn

6. Paktor (VP of New Business Development )
Job Description
The projects on our plate are amazing, and we’re looking for talented people to meet the exciting challenges we face. We’re looking for a VP of New Business Development to establish business lines in new territories. We’re open to your ideas for cool interactions and interesting ways to bring people together. The best ideas – from any source – are acted on quickly here. If you’re an intelligent and highly ambitious entrepreneur, we want to talk to you.
You are confident. You have a keen eye for business dynamics and a strong track record of managing projects and teams. You lay your claim to persevering in the face of obstacles. You have the analytical expertise to develop well rounded strategies, optimize performance and drive ROI. You are exceptionally observant and more than capable of personally assessing risks and opportunities. You believe in a strong testing framework, and know how to utilize the resources availed to you, whether limited or bountiful, to achieve KPIs. You love meeting new people, managing teams and setting up new businesses and getting paid to do so is music to your ears:
• Work with headquarters/management to develop strategy for a new business line
• Develop all aspects of new business line including building team around you, branding, sales, operations, finance to execution
• End to end management and execution
• Establish partnerships and liaise with partners to build new business line
• Collaborate with existing business development VPs regionally to leverage synergies between business lines
• BBA or MBA
• 3-5 years business development experience including strategy, operations, sales, finance, and marketing
• Ability to own the development of strategy and execution of new business lines for customer acquisition, branding, and ROI optimization
• A proven track record of project and team management
• Highly analytical
• Strong interpersonal skills
• Confident
• Strong sense of responsibility
• Able to hit the ground running
• Big 3 consulting firm experience a plus
• Competitive salary plus equity
• Health insurance, flexible annual course/training allowance, transport stipends
• Gym memberships, software discounts, free drinks, snacks, and a lot more
• Company sponsored travel across Asia, twice a year
• Brilliant team working on an array of mobile ventures that you have the opportunity to create and shape
• The fast pace and agility of a venture-backed startup
• All the hardware/software/equipment you need, customized however you like
• Great amenities within a great building, and a colorful/creative work environment
Contact information:
Ms Anh: Anh@gopaktor.com

Vị trí: DESIGNER – full time
Nơi làm việc: Việt Nam
Yêu cầu:
– Thành thạo Design
– kinh nghiệm: 1-3 năm
– Sáng tạo
– Thành thạo chụp hình và chỉnh sửa hình ảnh
– Sinh năm từ 92-90
– Tiếng anh: tốt
Hồ sơ: CV tiếng anh, Cover letter tiếng anh
Deadline: 15/10/2015
Nộp về email: Linh@gopaktor.com

7. Clickable Viet Nam: PPC Campaign Manager

We are a marketing agency that specializes in marketing Vietnamese brands, especially tourism brands, to the world. Clickable Vietnam is fast growing and currently has a 7-person team. Services include strategy consulting, campaign management and content production. Client experience includes:
Tourism and Hospitality: Vietnam Backpackers Hostels, Nomadic Journeys Mongolia, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Minor Hotel Group, Masan Group, Indochina Capital and Petrolimex
Technology: Microsoft Vietnam, Mobifone
The Facebook and PPC Campaign Manager reports to the Managing Director.
The Facebook and PPC Campaign Manager is responsible for acquiring new leads and customers for Clickable Vietnam’s clients through digital advertising and social media.
Position includes management of Facebook and Google PPC campaigns, including keyword research, targeting research, A/B testing and budget optimization.
The Facebook and PPC Campaign Manager must be proactive with a strong sense of accountability and a day-to-day focus on results. Requires strong strategic and analytical approach.
• Digital marketing experience including Facebook and Google Ad Words planning/buying
• Knowledge of other digital lead generation tactics including e-mail, display and CPA
• Proven success managing advertising budgets
• Knowledge of web site conversion metrics, Google Analytics, the Google AdWords dashboard, Facebook Insights and Facebook Ads Manager
• Experience using Power Editor
• You should be a Vietnamese citizen who is able to communicate well in English. You should feel comfortable working and interacting with foreigners. You must be able to work in Tay Ho, Hanoi Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm except Vietnam national holidays.
• Have great initiative to complete tasks by yourself.
Gross salary 6-10M depending on experience.
Send CV and cover letter (in English) to jason.lusk@clickablevn.com or ngoc.nguyen@clickablevn.com


YAN LIVE (Events Agency – A member of Yan Media Group) is in search talents for many positions to be a part of our dynamic team:

1. Senior Account Exe.
2. Events Manager
3. Events Director
4. Director of Strategic Planning & Sales

For all: Have at least 2 years of experience.

You can see job description from our website: http://www.yan.vn/tuyen-dung/senior-account-executive-90.html

Interested candidates kindly send me your profile to: recruitment@yan.vn . I’ll call you shortly if your skills meet our demands.

9. Cốc Cốc Tuyển Dụng:

1. Account manager:
• Build and maintain good client relationships through proactive communication
• Organize advertising campaigns
• Handle an overall management process for the assigned accounts
• Contextual ads copywriting
• Media Planning
• Work with campaign statistics
• At least 1 year experience in Online Marketing or related field
• Strong knowledge of Google tools such as AdWords, Analytics or/and SEO
• Ability to effectively manage multiple tasks and clients simultaneously
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Good English language skills

• Monthly performance bonus
• Opportunity to enrich your professional experience in Online Advertising through managing different advertising campaigns and working with big clients
• Medical support (up to 12 million/year)
• A chance to work in a young and dynamic international working environment.
• Welfare: recreation room, fully loaded kitchen (free drinks, snacks, desserts, fruit juice, etc.)
• Flextime and casual dress code

2. Senior Sales:
• Develop and maintain partners’ database
• Promote & build awareness of CocCoc’s capabilities to existing and prospective clients
• Develop the business, build up and maintain good relationship with clients
• Prepare attractive documents/presentations to inspire and persuade clients
• Meet monthly & quarterly sales objectives
• Collect market information for superiors to maximize business opportunities
• Clearly communicate new products/advertising programs as well as provide excellent after-sales services including responses to all partners’ inquiries, complaints and feedback
• Research and forecast new trends in Vietnamese advertising online market
• Collaborate with other teams in developing new products/service
• Execute other tasks assigned by management

• At least 3 years of experiences working in a sales, customer service and/or business development-based role;
• Have working experience with Google Adwords
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• A continuous ‘can-do’ attitude and have a strong determination to achieve challenging targets;
• Confidence and ability to perform well under pressure
• Ability to negotiate and create win-win situations
• Ability to analyze and interpret basic financial/ market data
• Professional and initiative personality
• Ability to work independently as well as in a team
• Willingness to travel within Vietnam
• Good written and spoken English, computer literacy
• Other requirements will be discussed in the interview

• High commission rate
• Free lunch
• Basic Health/ Social/ Unemployment insurance
• Internet and cell phone allowances
• Regular team building activities
• Young and dynamic international working environment

10. Mango Digital: Sr Digital Account executive, Sr  Designer, SENIOR PROJECT EXECUTIVE


The Role
– Client management
– Account-manage and deliver end-to-end digital campaign and project performance.
– Monitor campaign and project performance, timelines and budgets and report on these regularly to the account director and the client.
– Manage the day-to-day relationship with clients, building and maintaining strong working relationships so that they trust and value your opinions.
– Liaise with clients regularly – responding to briefs, attending meetings, status reporting, information seeking, managing milestones and approvals.
– Identify and resolve issues before they arise.
– Give good strategic advice to clients based upon previous experience.
– Plan and lead presentations.
– Work collaboratively with other agency teams, including strategy, PR and technology to ensure the best result for your client(s).
– At least 3-4 years’ digital agency experience.
– Strong knowledge and experience of digital & social media strategy.
– Experience of running projects of $25k + from start to finish


Job Responsibilities

We are searching for individuals who can be trained to be project managers to manage our increasing portfolios. Successful candidates will be responsible for the management and delivery of digital media
– To be the point of contact between business development teams and clients.
– To secure project specifications and details needed to deliver the digital campaigns effectively
– To brief content and ads supporting teams on the required targets and objectives of client project
– To execute the contract on time and on budget.
– To facilitate project fulfillment up to the point of collection
To assist the managers in preparing reports on all client projects and to highlight project related issues.
– Stay informed of industry trends and best practices. Inform clients on latest Facebook or Google platform changes that have an impact on their campaigns.
– To prepare end of campaign reports for clients to facilitate project closure and renewal.

Job Requirements


• Knowledgable in Mass Communication, PR, Marketing or diploma with interest in social media experience / digital marketing.
• Interest in Facebook ads standard concepts, best practices, and procedures
• Able to draft ad copy and creative newsfeeds for Facebook newsfeed content management so as to manage a team of writers assigned to projects
• Self-motivated and self-directed and be able to demonstrate past project management experience.
• Energy and optimism

Các vị trí còn lại các bạn cứ apply nhé. Vì đây là sr nên Ad không ghi nhiều các bạn cũng biết JD như thế nào rồi.

Mức lương thoả thuận theo kn, môi trường lv trẻ năng động và sáng tạo, có cơ hội serve nhiều ngành hàng đa dạng phù hợp thử thách bản thân. For full JD và CV ứng tuyển vui lòng email về vu.tran@mangodigital.vn