Recently, the evil virus has been raging over the border of 196 countries and territories around the world with a rapid increase in infected cases and terrifying death. Our day-to-day lives are massively disrupted and we even face a horrible choice: social distancing for months or let hundreds of thousands die. However, on the bright side, in Vietnam, this distance is blurred when we strongly stay connected with each other, sharing one goal, one spirit with relentless efforts.

Vietnam has proved as an effective model in containing the disease in a country due to the government’s determined leadership as well as individual contributions. The nation witnesses a sprawling wave of initiatives rising with optimism and a glow of pride. Thus, this brings up new inspiration for Biti’s Hunter in collaboration with Viet Max to launch its limited-collection #ProudlyMadeinVietnam.

As heart-warming applause for all Vietnamese defending the virus outbreak, this new Biti’s Hunter collection embraces a unique design that portraits the real stories happening in this nation amid the stressful circumstance. These stories revolve around special trips of thousands of Vietnamese to their beloved country where they are blessed with care, unconditional love and protection. More than ever, Vietnamese rejoice at coming home and amaze the world with the efforts of government, doctors, nurses, soldiers and nationwide residents. These “Made-in-Vietnam” devotions range from “dragon fruit” banh mi, the free giving of face masks to the viral handwashing song… The whole country holds a strong belief in winning this virus as long as we are all at a consensus.

Proudly presenting a “made-in-Vietnam” brand, Biti’s Hunter never fails to appreciate the value of going explore new things to treasure more the place we call “home”, especially aiming at young people. Therefore, this campaign provokes the beautiful image of home in the heart of every Vietnamese and partly emphasizes the true purpose of a Vietnamese brand.

Have a closer look at the special design and contemplate the story behind pairs of speakers from Biti’s Hunter:

The flight is ready to bring people home

 Whoever is in quarantine will be well taken care of

Fighting the epidemic is fighting the enemy

Mi Nhon / Advertising Vietnam