Possessing an unspeakable Saigonese style - a mixture of two generations of Gen Y and Gen Z, Chu Moi (Nguyen Duy Anh) is currently a freelance painter/designer who attracts attention with the Collage Art and Abstract Art style. Fascinated by the strong breakthrough of Collage Art in a search for creative inspiration, Chu Moi challenged himself with a collage artwork every day to create a "phenomenon" with the album "Moi's Outer Space" – A collection of 20 drawings recounting an interesting Vietnam in the eyes of a 23-year-old boy.

After two years since his first impressive work, Chu Moi at the threshold of "confused 20s" is constantly expanding his own painting world, and at the same time releasing many works containing a great message beyond what each piece of the collage can define.

Where do you find creative inspiration?

Inspiration is a very difficult thing to control. Sometimes it comes unexpectedly. Sometimes when it doesn't come for a long time, we have to actively find out from the familiar and rustic things around, even exploit the hidden corners of society or the "sink" part of people's thoughts.

Collage Art is a coincidence when "recharging" to run the deadline, so where did Abstract Art come to you from?

Another coincidence x 2 😊 In Abstract Art, I mainly work with two branches of Cubism and Neo-expressionism. I found out about Cubism through a collection of Picasso-style tattoos, I liked it so I saved it and learned to draw along. When I realized that the feelings were released from the moment I finished the drawing, I knew that I had found a suitable new genre.

Another time I was using Instagram then I came across the Neo-expressionism style. I find this style so strange, I don't know if I'm really "drawing". I tried to research more and I find that the "legend" Jean-Michel Basquiat of this style and "stick" until now. And the important thing is that true to its name (Neo-expressionism - New Expression), I can fully express my feelings and thoughts when creating artworks following this style.

Chu Moi (Nguyen Duy Anh)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing these two styles in Vietnam?

The advantage is that we can create our own, the unique. Others are curious to see every detail when looking at it. Difficulties are many because most people often think that painting is drawing portraits, landscapes, realistic things, roughly seeing things in a clear shape in front of their eyes. That's why I'm often asked "What's so weird about drawing?", "Why's so scary?", "What kind of strange drawing is this?"... But I'll still try to follow these styles to bring them to more people.

Recently, Chu Moi has just introduced 5 new works at DORCO's exhibition “All Experiences Make The Man”. Why not in your digital art space but in this exhibition?

I received an invitation to participate from DORCO and found the spirit of the project very suitable for my artwork. This concept also helps me express my personality and abilities through my favorite Collage Art style. The exhibition encourages men to confidently experience, try their best in each youth moment to find out the lessons of maturity. All the "silly", naive, weird things are appreciated and that's what I'm always looking for. I’m also "silly" like that :D Just try it, don't worry about your ability, then you will find what you like and the doors will open.

4 out of 5 artworks are boldly imprinted with Collage Art. What is the story behind each picture?

4 artworks “Do Ai Dam Lam”, “Chuyen Kho Lo Chuyen Ngao”, Ngao Kho Ngo”, and “Cho Toi Lon Khon” tell the stories of a boy's growth journey or even every guys’ stories :D Through 50 stories that the DORCO exhibition received from brothers from all over the country, I realized that any boy has the same "big formula". Childhood, adolescence, impulsive age always do crazy things. Then there are mistakes, difficulties, and challenges to learn to stand up on their own, find the "ladder" to continue moving forward.

This is also the main visual element from the concept of DORCO. To me, the stairs symbolize two things: always moving forward to find new challenges, and always ready to grow from everything that lies ahead. The higher up you go, the wider the vision will be, the more difficult the challenge will be, but a person will also be braver and have their own life stories.

'Cho Toi Lon Khon' - "How I Grow Up' Artwork

“Do Ai Dam Lam’ is the opening work of the collection, so is Chu Moi "challenge" viewers to something in this picture?

The beauty of Collage Art is to keep viewers stay longer with a seemingly "messy" impression at first, but then causing curiosity for them to ponder the meaning of each piece of the overall artwork.

About the picture “Do ai dam lam”, it is a series of challenges that we easily encounter in life. For example, people with large question-mark-shaped heads that look like a "boss", reminiscent of reality TV MCs, or an invisible person who is "hosting" our lives with countless unpredictable questions. Surrounded by a Rubik’s cube representing patience, a flying motorbike rider representing recklessness, the arena, and the mountain... I just end the “spoils” here. 😊 You can review the work on the Dorco Vietnam Fanpage. This is also my favorite artwork in this collaborative project, so I hope everyone will love it!

'Do Ai Dam Lam' - 'Don't You Dare' Artwork

If you could choose two works that best demonstrate you at the age of 20 and 25, which picture would it be?

At the age of 20, I think it suits the artwork “Do Ai Dam Lam”. Because at this age, I remember I was quite "young" too, doing crazy things to express myself, things that no one dared to do.

At the age of 25 now, I like “Cho Toi Lon Khon” because I know what I'm passionate about, how to develop and prepare for the future every day.

At the exhibition, you shared your memories of myopia glasses - because of the lack of that, you embarrassed yourself because recognized the wrong acquaintance. Besides those glasses, do you have any other memorable stories about coming of age?

It would be the moment when I will be known as "the painter". I never thought about this before because I started as a designer. Parents at home are also very happy and reassured when I often brag about my achievements. When my father brought back these articles to show off to his friends and relatives, another uncle asked me "What are you drawing? That looks so strange!" then my father replied proudly like "That's his style!". I was really happy then!

If you could go back in time and tell your 20-year-old self, what would you say?

Don't hesitate, don’t be afraid, just try your best and you will find your passion soon. And buy less stuff, focus on drawing now! :D