The Tuborg Open campaign, in its 3rd year in Vietnam, strongly expressed the message “Open and experience” by bringing a whole new musical project to young people who dare to be different.

Each year, Tuborg Open organizes a large-scale musical playground showcasing a combination of International and Vietnamese artists. In August of 2019, Tuborg Open stirred up the atmosphere in Hanoi and attracted more than 1,000 youngsters to flock to a lively music event at Star3 Club. The presence of the international band Clean Bandit and two Vietnamese singers JustaTee and Phuong Ly, infused the youth of Ha Thanh (Ha Noi city) with their vibrant energy.

Following the excitement, Clean Bandit immediately shook hands with musicians JustaTee, Nguyen Hai Phong and TDK to launch a new music project called “I Am”. JustaTee not only wrote the song and the lyrics but he is also the main singer on the track together with Phuong Ly. Even though the lyrics are simple and intimate, this song has a strong message that pushes young people to step out of their comfort zones, to break down boundaries, to open their hearts, and to experience new things every single day.

Not just a regular MV, “I Am” is also a technological breakthrough with the most exclusive online viewing experience ever. By utilizing facial recognition technology, the video content will vary depending on the number of viewers watching together. The bigger the group, the greater the opportunity to fully enjoy the performance with surprising changes. This unique idea arose from Happiness Saigon, the creative agency of the campaign, together with Tuborg, with the desire to deliver interesting music experiences via electronic devices. This has created distinctive moments of entertainment, and helps connect young people IRL in the age of technology.

Although it has turned 3 years old, the attraction of Tuborg Open has not stopped yet, especially for young people. “I think music is our greatest form of communication. Finding new music today can be really hard. So we’re going on shuffle. We are really excited to get onboard with Tuborg and to travel to all these different countries, work with artists there and explore meaningful collaborations. We are completely open to where the music takes us.” – said Clean Bandit.

Along with its message “Open to more”, Tuborg Open promises to create a wide spread trend among Vietnamese youngsters who dare to live differently. Join Tuborg and Happiness Saigon to escape from your comfort zone, to discover manifold things and to live with more interesting experiences at:

About Happiness Saigon
Happiness Saigon, an FCB alliance, is an award-winning creative connectivity agency based in Saigon, Vietnam and Brussels, Belgium. The agency is well-known to design connected brands that trigger emotions that trigger business. The agency believes in the power of creativity, the power of humanity and in happiness, that fuels both. The very multicultural and multitalented crew of Happiness has won numerous awards, including Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions and have signed for Vietnam’s most awarded creative idea with UNICEF #NoFilter. Some of Happiness’ work is even featured in the V&A Museum London.
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About Tuborg – Open to more
A popular Danish beer brand among young people in more than 70 countries. Since 2010, Tuborg has become the No. 1 international beer brand of the Carlsberg Group all over the world. After more than 3 years of launching in Vietnam, Tuborg has built up the trust and support for consumers, rated as “Brand for young people” and “Modern, youthful brand” with the highest number of beer brands on the market. The new beer flavor is improved with a refreshed balance of sweetness and bitterness, and a smoother beer foam that accentuates and keeps the hops flavor longer. It is highly appreciated with eye-catching, trendy packaging and unique beer cap.
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Client: Carlsberg Vietnam – Tuborg

Brand team: Bui Hoang Thai Ha, Nguyen Phuong Thanh

Creative agency: Happiness Saigon

Co-founder/CEO: Alan Cerutti

Creative Director: Gregory Titeca, Marc Richard Vander Heyden

Account team: Khanh Pham, Ngoc Le, Son Nguyen

Creative team: Simon Pyson, Iris Nuyts, Caroline Ray, Trinh Mai, Hong Phuc, Nghia Tran

Music Agency: Brandbeats

Media Agency: Media Wave