FAMI GO - Bữa sáng đủ chất, Đầy sức làm điều hay

Brand: Vinasoy

Agency: Dinosaur Vietnam

Production: PlanA Production

Published/Aired: October 02,2018

Posted: October 4, 2018


FAMI GO – ‘Uống Sáng Chưa?’

People nowadays are too busy to have a decent breakfast, which makes them lack energy and enthusiasm for the start of a new day ahead. Based on this understanding, Fami - the leading soymilk brand in Vietnam - is launching a nutritious ‘drinkable’ breakfast called FAMI GO with 4 essential nutrients: Protein, Fat, Carbonhyrate and Vitamins to help busy people to kickstart their day.

To introduce this one-of-a-kind breakfast in the market, Dinosaur Vietnam and Vinasoy Corp created a campaign which features how Fami Go helps people to lead their lives with ‘contagious’ positive energy.

The campaign also injects a memorable twist on Vietnamese morning greeting ‘Ăn sáng chưa?’ (Had your breakfast yet?) by changing it into ‘Uống sáng chưa?’ (Drank your breakfast yet?)

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Brand : Fami
Client : Vinasoy Corporation
Agency : Dinosaur Vietnam
Managing Director : Brandy Vu
Executive Creative Director : Sumesh Peringeth
Creative Director : Trong Nguyen, Linda Pham
Art Director : Hoan Tran
Copywriter : Hoai Dang
Account Management : Ngoc Le, Huyen Vo
CGI : Thien Quoc Le, Tran Nguyen
Production house : PlanA
Film Director : Plástico
Producer : Angel Uyen Nguyen, Lorenc
Post House : Kantana