JCB - Công dân Quốc tế

Brand: JCB

Agency: AdAsia

Production: Mad Productions

Published/Aired: September 20,2017

Posted: 10/06/2019


Is Vietnam in the 2017 different from 1980s?

Coupled with of the times, Vietnam transforms itself to reach the world, touch the era of modern multi-utility. The difference between old and present images with the JCB international payment card has helped the young generation realize that life will add meaning and completeness when we are ready to explore the standards of experience ahead.

Acceptance of change is the way to catch modern life. Today, the international citizen standard has become a striving target of the younger generation, simplifying things with JCB to optimize a full life experience.

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Brand : JCB
Agency : AdAsia
Production house : MAD Productions
Director : Minduke
DOP : Phat Nguyen
Producer : Nguyen Khanh Ngoc
Actress : Ha Truc