Lecy Packaging - Thiết kế bao bì sáng tạo của Lecy

Brand: Lecy

Agency: RIO Agency

Production: Concept Work

Published/Aired: June 07,2018

Posted: June 7, 2018


Lecy is a packaging design project of RIO Agency in cooperation with Duc Nguyen Import and Export, impressing customers with fresh, dynamic and youthful beverage products.

Lecy's logo design is inspirired from the image of splash water. In order to create visuals that convey the message of fresh and full of energy drinks, RIO has used a soft font style for the name tag in combination with a strong typeface for the tagline. The freshness of products is also reflected in the images of fresh fruit slices and its bright colors, which brings a sentation of extreme coolness and dispells the heat of summer.

These packaging designs contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of products on store shelves, also pinpoint the trademark of Lecy in Vietnam's beverage market.

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Agency : RIO
Brand : Lecy