Quảng cáo Điện Máy Xanh - Xót phận người đẹp "Tay đô"

Brand: Điện Máy Xanh

Agency: The Secret A

Production: XC Productions

Published/Aired: August 01,2018

Posted: 03/08/2018


"Người đẹp Tây Đô" (Beauty from Tây Đô - an old name of Cần Thơ city) is a real character lived in Vietnam-French war period which has been made into a movie and well-known by mass audiences. The concept is a playful twist in the rhythm of this famous term to produce another meaning. "Tây Đô" is turned to "Tay đô" - same pronunciation yet a big difference in meaning, the term "Beauty from Tây Đô" is turned into "Beauty with the muscular arm". By doing so we dramatize the hand-washing problem in a playful way followed with call to action & promotion message.

Lyric translation: (Blue Woman) Hand-washing clothes is my daily routine Which make my arm become muscular ... (Blue Man) Beauty with a muscular arm, you have to buy washing machine Let's buy in Điện máy XANH Now have promotion winning 30 million per day 30 million everyday in 100 days With more gifts and 0% interest instalment plan Hurry come to Điện máy XANH buy a washing machine

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Agency : The Secret A
Creative Director : Châu Chấn Quyền
Art Director : Trần Hiệp
Copywriter : Trần Nguyễn Đại Dương
Account : Nguyễn Thị Thùy Hạnh
Production house : XC Production
Director : Khương Vũ
Talent : Don Nguyễn