We Are Vietnamese

Agency: Unknown

Production: Red Cat Motion

Published/Aired: January 01,1970

Posted: October 5, 2018


We Are Vietnamese is a personal project that Red Cat team has nurtured for almost 2 years. As we recognize the urge to connect the youth to Vietnamese culture, also to reinforce the mindsets and loves of the young Viet generation for the country. That’s our motivation to produce the video.

Inspired by the 4000 - year old tradition of Vietnam, Red Cat hopes to deliver the message of country’s heroism to the audience. As a creative agency, we try our best to approach the youth in the most youthful and modern way, instead of a traditional and mainstream approach. We have invested a lot of time on the project, from content to visual, to ensure the quality of the video, and make the video as impressive as possible so as to be welcomed by the community.

From this project, we want to introduce to our friends all over the world not only about the beauty and tradition of our home country, but also the intrinsic ability of Vietnam creative industry, especially animation. The project is expected to spread across many channels, via media supports, in order to approach more and more audiences. Also, we are glad to receive your advice and suggestions for better projects in the future.

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Agency : Red Cat Motion
Creative Director : Tuan Dinh.
Art Director : Nguyen Thuy Bac, Nguyen Chi.
Animation Leader : Minh Pham.
Animator : Minh Pham, Ninh Truong, Viet Long, Tran Quang Duc.
Copywriter : Le Thanh Nga.
Music Composer : An Nguyen Trong Truong.
Producer : Nguyen Duc Trung Tuan.
Singer : Dinh Nhan Hoa.
Project Manager : Nguyen Xuan Bich Ngoc.