Yo!LAG Tet occasion

Brand: YoMost

Agency: Climax Creatology Agency

Production: Updating

Published/Aired: January 26,2019

Posted: 01/02/2019


“Lag” is effortlessly detected by its obvious symptoms. It happens when you mentally get lost. Your mind wanders around. Your head becomes a roundabout of thoughts. Your eyes spot the far far away universe. And your face turns mystified.

“Lag” spares no one. When it hits someone, they easily get caught. They become the cause of gibe. Anger. Blame.But “lag” isn’t a disease. It’s removable. It’s curable. It’s de-laggable. We create a campaign Yomost DeLAG for the teenager. Create a series of VDO to educate our TA about LAG.

Creative :
- CD : Alex & Ares
- Sr Art Director : Trang Nguyen
- Sr Copywriter : Kita Nguyen
Planner :
- Head of planner : Mic Nguyen
- Channel planner : Thao Nguyen
Account Management :
- Account Director : Quynh Anh Nguyen
- Account Manager : Hoa Nguyen
- Account Executive : Duong Le