Creativity to build bottom line – How TMRW, a Singaporean boutique agency, made a difference in one of the most competitive advertising markets

In 2020, amidst the global pandemic, independent agency TMRW (Tomorrow) continued to grow on the back of its creativity and digital capabilities. The boutique, founded in Singapore, went on to win Creative Agency of The Year Awards 2020 (Local Hero). It now has the region in its sights, with Vietnam being the first destination.

Singapore has been the advertising creative powerhouse Southeast Asia. The country’s conducive business environment sees agencies from all over the world setting up shop there, creating a highly competitive scene. Clients are spoilt for choice, which is why, creativity is key to success. But more importantly, creativity that works to build the bottom-line.

Since opening in 2015, with a “idea-centric; media-neutral” approach, TMRW has grown 8-fold, won numerous awards, and built a blue-chip roster of clients. TMRW’s creativity is deeply rooted in effectiveness. A successful campaign not only breaks the clutter, but also sales records.

Barely after it started, Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA) handed TMRW the Samsung Fashion Steps Out 2016. This annual event turned the iconic shopping belt of Singapore, Orchard Road, into the largest outdoor runway in the region, and was a signature event for Singapore’s tourism, attracting thousands of visitors, and celebrities.

Today, TMRW’s clients include BMW Asia, Samsung Singapore, Rolls-Royce MotorCars, AIA Singapore, Dunkin’ Donuts, UOB, Orchard Road Business Association, Singapore Retailers Association and others.

In 2017, TMRW created Dunkin’ Donut’s first-ever April Fool campaign in Singapore with Dunkin’ Donuts Deluxe. In the context that more and more people were turning their back against classic confectionaries to choose gourmet food, TMRW made use of the trend itself to tease customers and remind them of their love for Dunkin’ Donuts’ classic menu. The teasers created humor by introducing the brand-new gourmet collection in a serious manner: DONUTELLO, DDDECONSTRUCTED and MONSIEUR MERRY, at “only” S$299.

The joke is revealed on April Fool’s Day, in which Dunkin’ Donut released a video affirming their commitment to the classics, at the same time introduce the special “Celebrate Classic” promotion – only S$1 per regular donut in 1 day only. 

The campaign helped Dunkin’ Donuts achieved a new record of the most donuts sold per day in their history, but more importantly, it helped the brand solidify the customer’s love during the rise of the gourmet trend.

TMRW also proved that if an idea is creative enough, a moderate budget and simple execution can also generate great results. One example is the “Better than the sun” campaign for Samsung Heatpump Dryer. TMRW team faced a tough task: How to convince the inhabitants of one of the sunniest places on earth to use a dryer?

Instead of competing with other brands for a bigger piece of a very small pie, TMRW wanted to increase the size of the pie altogether by taking on a much significant competitor: The Sun. The campaign delivered a cheeky “dig” at the Sun by highlighting its many deficiencies: its unreliability, temperamental nature, unpredictability and “laziness". Through each downside, the campaign positioned Samsung Heatpump Dryer with its opposite upside and concluded: Better than the Sun.

The campaign comprised only a single spot but adapted the images in a very flexible fashion on various platform. The result: The Sun lost some shine while the campaign achieved major success. 

The “Be The One Who Dares Hunt” campaign for BMW Singapore was an integrated campaign that merged both online and offline experiences. Introducing thrilling challenges online and on-ground, customers had to solve the clues to get to the finals to win the grand prize (an exclusive BMW X2 drive experience for two in Munich). The campaign dared Singaporeans to engage with BMW X2 beyond the computer screen.

In 2019, TMRW won the coveted BMW Asia account, becoming its Agency of Record. And in 2020, it was crowed Creative Agency of The Year Award (Local Hero). In 2021, it hopes to win over the Vietnam market with its approach.

On choosing Vietnam as its first regional footprint, Shaun Quek, TMRW’s founder, highlighted his trust in the local founder’s – Trang Le – approach to work and passion: “Trang le is the sole reason TMRW landed in Vietnam before any other country, and why we will succeed.”

Shaun also expressed his confidence in the local team’s aptitude and reaffirmed that the agency’s key to success lays in their creative approach: “We believe that there’s only one language in the world. And that’s ‘creativity’. Not everyone speaks it, but everyone understands it.”

Trang Le, TMRW Vietnam’s founder, show a strong belief that the entrance of TMRW will level-up the marketing standards in Vietnam.

“The advertising agencies industry in Vietnam is not just the playground of big players anymore; independent and boutique agencies are growing stronger than ever. With a very own creative philosophy, bold spirit and always exploring new ways of doing things, TMRW will use experiences and knowledge gained internationally to make a difference, at the same time accompany Vietnamese customers to jointly develop and conquer new goals.”

About TMRW Vietnam
TMRW Vietnam ( specializes in digitally integrated campaigns, focusing on the O2O (On-to-Offline) experience. Guided by its idea-centric, media-neutral philosophy, it has an unwavering focus on the end result. 

Creativity to build bottom line – How TMRW, a Singaporean boutique agency, made a difference in one of the most competitive advertising markets

Bảo Ngọc

Bảo Ngọc

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09 Thg 03 2021


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