CREATORY is honored to receive the Best Companies to Work for in Asia Award for the second consecutive time by Business Media International and HR Asia Magazine.

This is a prestigious international award, held alternately in many countries in Asia, bringing together more than 300 corporations and businesses. This award is evidence of sustainable development in the future that needs serious investment in the key value: PEOPLE.

For CREATORY, this award is a great encouragement for the efforts and challenges that the whole team has been conquering during the past time.

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As CEO Jay Jin has shared with us, “I would like to thank all of you who have taken the lead in solving the aforementioned problems and helped us overcome many difficulties wisely and positively. [...] The new service capabilities we have been building will act like a surfing board to ride waves in the ocean. I know there will be the biggest wave coming soon. This wave will be so rare and strong that once you successfully ride on it, we will be able to harness the power and energy of the wave to reach our final destination.” 

We would like to thank all #Creatorians for always thriving us through the most difficult time. You are the great companions that have created this pride.

CREATORY hopes we will move forward together, hire top talents and successfully ride the wave. All #Creatorians, let's send us your support and 💞 to share this pride!!!

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