On 5 May 2023, A Press Event: “New Growth Opportunities From Strategic Alliances” was held to announce the alliance between CrowdPharm and WeTheBrand which expands CrowdPharm’s services into Asia Pacific.

Heng Aw, Regional Director of CrowdPharm Asia Pacífic, and Ms. Sang Truong, Founder of WeTheBrand, holding the signed Strategic Alliance Agreement

CrowdPharm is an award-winning, US full-service independent healthcare advertising agency with healthcare‘s largest network of global talent. Founded in 2017, CrowdPharm’s vision to leverage technology to connect and engage talent around the world has transformed the way agencies work with clients and brands by offering something no one else in healthcare marketing has provided to clients before-real-time access to the best minds around the world. With highly experienced teams across 120+ countries all working together in CrowdPharm’s network, the agency achieves time and cost efficiencies for clients. Their proprietary application allows them to engage quickly with 7,000+ vetted and on-demand healthcare experts in their network. With global talent in every therapeutic area, the agency’s expertise runs deep.

WeTheBrand was founded in 2021 with the vision to become the bridge to connect global brands to local markets and local brands to the global/regional markets. In the two years since its establishment, WeTheBrand has built an ecosystem of global partners in many fields to offer a variety of services such as Creative Content, Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Medical Communication, Event & Trade Marketing, Financial Marketing, Trading & Distribution on a professional level. 

The alliance between CrowdPharm and WeTheBrand allows both companies to continue their successful business relationship under a new brand identity CrowdPharm Asia Pacific. They will work in concert to increase marketing and advertising services to their customers and stakeholders in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

The cooperation signing ceremony was successfully held with the participation of many partners.

“We have worked with CrowdPharm for more than a year to establish absolute confidence in the professionalism and quality of work that WeTheBrand delivers", says Ms. Sang Truong, WeTheBrand's Founder. “Over this same period, CrowdPharm has fielded new business requests from clients planning future work in various global markets, including Japan, China, and Asia Pacific. Establishing a strategic alliance with a professional company like WeTheBrand strengthens the agency’s ability to provide efficient and fast services in those potential markets. And, we are excited to become one of the pioneers representing Vietnam’s capabilities in media and advertising in Asia.”

The Press Event was successful and memorable for both businesses as well as related partners. Many important WeTheBrand partners attended, including SRC, Mi Global, G2B Media, IGC Marcom (member of Genuine Partner Group), Lilac Agency, and Vietcomfilm.

“This alliance provides both companies the opportunity to increase the value we deliver to customers and stakeholders in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries through high-quality services,” says Heng Aw, Regional Director of CrowdPharm Asia Pacific. “It also expands our influence in Asia Pacific.”