A 2022 study by Udemy - one of the largest online learning platforms, found that nearly nine in ten executives and managers said their organizations either face skill gaps already or expect them to develop within the next five years. This has driven companies to make upskilling programs for employees a priority, especially the skills related to leadership and communication, with workers wanting to learn more about the most effective ways to use the English language, as well as business intelligence and finance skills.

While the same trends can be seen in Vietnam’s 50-million-strong working population, the high demand for English communication skills has yet to be met. Vietnam’s English Proficiency Index (EPI) has fallen in recent years proven by the fact that Vietnam ranked the 65th spot in 2020 or the “low proficiency” category.

As a pioneer in the business of language learning through AI technology since 2015, ELSA’s mission is to enable 1,5 billion global English learners to increase language fluency at the lowest cost. In addition to helping individuals, ELSA also provides solutions for enterprises through modules and lessons tailored according to the needs and demands unique to the industry and its business units through ELSA For Business. With over 200 topics, 5.000 lessons, and 26.000 exercises ranging from Business English to casual conversations, every employee is ensured to get the professional training that’s right for them as they move towards a more proactive role in the workplace and in Vietnam’s growing business landscape.

Michael Ngo, Country Director of ELSA Vietnam: “Vietnam is in a great position to become not only a big regional player, but also to take its rightful place on the global stage. English proficiency will definitely play a key role in achieving this. ELSA is built for that mission. We are not in the business of learning English, but of changing lives, one learner at a time. Now that we’ve expanded our program to businesses, it’s our goal to empower the new generation of workforce in Vietnam so they can engage more effectively. At ELSA, we believe that empowering the workforce today will ensure a better Vietnam tomorrow.”

ELSA’s partners all saw an incredible improvement in the English speaking proficiency of their employees after using ELSA for Business. Within the first two months, 90% of the participants had finished over 26.700 lessons in 1.100 study hours.

Derek Grundy, Vice President of HuaLi Industrial Group, Nike Division: “The partnership with ELSA is a strategic step for us. We realize that ELSA has a great technology solution. They have worked with many leading enterprises in various fields. To continue being the leading professional sports footwear manufacturer, HuaLi Industrial Group will keep on putting great effort and investment in the most critical business element, the human factor.”

Business organizations that have successfully registered for the “Empower the Workforce of Tomorrow” program can experience ELSA’s English training program for free for a maximum of 100 employees. Training progress and assessment test results can be tracked with real-time analytics on ELSA dashboard. With years of experience in the internal onboarding process for businesses of various scales, the ELSA Customer Success team will accompany and support businesses professionally from the very beginning of the program, to record the report, and evaluate the effectiveness until the end.

Registration process for business:

● Step 1: Program registration at this link

● Step 2: Confirm registration and receive instructions

● Step 3: Kick-off and start Implementation

● Step 4: Evaluate performance & awards

Each business is given a minimum of 20 ELSA Pro accounts and a maximum of 100 accounts for their employees, which will be valid for 30 days from activation. Business organizations with the most outstanding results will get 100 free six-month ELSA Pro, free six-month ELSA Dashboard accounts and get featured in ELSA Case Study and a PR article on all ELSA media channels.