The unpredictable COVID-19 pandemic has made Virtual Event an emerging trend in experiential marketing. The trend is expected to not only help businesses maintain connection with their customers and partners, but also create and seize new chances. 

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With deep understanding of market needs and extensive research, PER-FECTIV has developed a web-based Virtual Event platform that leverages unique features and promisingly brings users outstanding experiences.  

360 degree experiential environment 

Our web-based Virtual Event solution is an ideal alternative of monotonous webinars and one-way interaction live streaming. We offer users 360 degree experiences including visiting display booths, participating in interactive activities, looking for information regarding the product and event program in the Information and Resources features, connecting with the brand via Chatbox and Q&A functions,... - similarly to what normally happens in traditional offline events.  

Unlimited creation of content, design, visual and more 

This Virtual Event platform sets no boundary to our creativity, inspiring us to keep innovating new touching content, unique design ideas, as well as to make full use of illustrative visual effects and the latest technologies, with the aim of producing lively presentations and captivating high-tech integrated performances. 

Reach optimization 

Our web-based Virtual Event platform promotes the integration of videos being live streamed on popular social sites such as Facebook or Youtube. This allows the brand to reach the most of their current followers and subscribers, as well as to optimize the web load and user experience. 

Play the video and explore our innovative web-based Virtual Event features now!

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