Vietnam PR Consulting Firm Ivy+Partners joins One Asia PR Group, a network of comprehensive PR and marketing service for countries in the Asian-Pacific (APAC) region.  

The inaugural members of One Asia PR Group include established PR agencies such as Hahm Partners (South Korea), Distilleri (Singapore), Ivy+Partners (Vietnam), EloQ Communications (Vietnam), JC&CO COMMUNICATIONS (Thailand) and Maverick (Indonesia) with expertise across Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer sectors.     


Asia is such a diverse market culturally, politically and socially that it requires on-ground local agencies to provide the contextual intelligence and local networks that multinational corporations and brands need to operate effectively”, said Siwon Hahm, the founder of One Asia and CEO of Hahm Partners in South Korea. "One Asia PR Group is founded to help brands navigate today’s complexities with a multi-market approach and an in-market focus”, she continued.  

In this ever-changing industry, we always update and upgrade ourselves to help our clients find unexpected opportunities and maximize their development in any way needed. That is why being in a regional network with shared focus, passion and professional goals like One Asia empowers us in many possible ways; and give us chance to contribute our knowledge and expertise about Vietnam to the region”, shares Ivy Nhi Chau, CEO of Ivy+Partners.  

 Ivy Nhi Chau, CEO of Ivy+Partners (on the left) and Siwon Hahm, the founder of One Asia & CEO of Hahm Partners in South Korea (one the right)

One Asia PR Group covers overall communications strategy, consultancy, and execution which includes government relations, stakeholder management, community relations, media relations, crisis management, and advertising. The strong bond among members will further strengthen Ivy+Partners’ ambition in bringing their local expertise to a regional scale, thus expanding their current clients’ exposure to the Asian network.   


One Asia PR Group is also actively seeking to collaborate with additional esteemed partners in the near future due to its commitment to continuous growth and expansion.