Ly Qui Khanh and his embodiment of greatest powers in “Sacombank Visa Infinite” - a work by Alien Media

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For the past few years, Alien Media has consolidated their competitive abilities by continuously incorporating outstanding production trends, which can be exhibited in their latest popular commercials and MVs. On top of this, determined to go beyond domestic levels, this Production House has seamlessly applied global standards in production, with one great ambition of blurring local and regional production boundaries.   

In fact, the Alien Media team’s endeavours have been winning customers' hearts and minds with TVC "Sacombank - Visa Infinite" - one of the latest ads with a European style, integrated with newest shooting techniques. The video also featured young businessman Ly Qui Khanh, justifying their strengths in exploiting production resources and talents in the Vietnamese market.

Overview of Visa Infinite Project: Aiming to promote a product of high-range segment - Infinite Visa card by communicating its limitless powers, Sacombank decided to coordinate with Alien Media on an international standard TVC.


TVC “Sacombank - Visa Infinite”

In epidemic conditions, to balance between the creative and advertising elements in this work, Alien Media and the brand agree on a brand-new direction: Conveying the product’s unlimited powers through picturing the luxury and classiness of user profiles. 

With smooth transition techniques, viewers will be captivated by Ly Qui Khanh's continuous movements - a young businessman succeeding in all aspects of career and romance. Ly Qui Khanh, also the brand ambassador of Sacombank, is living the life of the character he’s starring himself. Being a fashion designer whose personal brand of lavishness and international charm, he is positioned to be the “Goldman” in the Vietnamese fashion world. In terms of his career’s aspects, Ly Qui Khanh’s fashion legacy is a perfect reflection of his elegant and classic lifestyle, which is the accumulation from years of education and working in the West.

Ly Qui Khanh stands out starring the role of Samcombank’s elegant and wealthy target customers   

More impressively, given his experiences in previous filming projects, he continuously spices the whole commercial up with his charming aura. 


 Ly Qui Khanh has been the Ambassador of Sacombank since 8/2020

In reality, there is always a particular "standard" in production quality in order to well portray the beauty and elegance of international charm, especially to such a high-class character in Sacombank Visa Infinite. To conquer this quest, the production ekip had to constantly utilize creative filming and visual tactics, among which is the efforts invested in capturing the perfect sunset lighting in final scenes - the moment when the big boss’s high up in the skyscrapers overlooking his great empires. 

The pivotal scene in the end: Sacombank Visa Infinite’s main character enjoy sunset on the rooftop of the skyscraper

This relentless creative and experimental production process not only delivers the most luxurious and genuine footage, but also enriches the experience of the director and crew.

In Alien’s perspective, this collaboration with such a gigantic banking brand as Sacombank is a challenging yet fruitful opportunity. In fact, Sacombank and many high-standard brands, in general, all share the same ends of conveying product features to customers, thus always requiring “global” criteria invested in their commercials when it comes to visuals and audio effects. As a result, these clients tend to favor foreign or foreign-interconnected production houses over local ones.  

However, the Covid-19 epidemic has set geographical barriers to the process of approaching production houses outside Vietnam boundaries. Harnessing the available rich resources of a ready-to-film domestic production house, Alien Media has given out a polish work of ultimate extravagance with a broad spectrum of filming backgrounds under strict yet acceptable personnel and medical monitoring conditions amidst the epidemic. 

Flashy backgrounds at the premium hotel hall in Alien’s widescreen shots

Frames of high-speed yacht in the TVC 

These satisfactory and impressive shots are results of meticulous selections among various production plans, all aiming to treasure the “spirit” of a creative film but not exceeding the client's budget. In particular, a great variety of filming locations and outfits had to be considered to be well blended and best support the grandeur of the big picture. Plus, the Visa card is cleverly placed in the commercial not to take the spotlight but to impress audiences humbly effectively. 

Zoom in: The image of Sacombank Visa Infinite appears shortly in the 1-minute-long TVC  

Following those precedents winning works, Sacombank - Visa Infinite continues to be a piece of evidence supporting the statement of “international standard production ability” by Alien Media.

Alien Media has long been a household name in Vietnamese production and entertainment industries. Since the dawn of this Production House in 2013, the team behind has consistently proven to the public their limitless creativity in many viral works, namely “Ke cap gap ba gia” - Hoang Thuy Linh, “Lon roi con khoc nhe?” - Truc Nhan,...

Alien Media's outstanding projects in 2020 

Realizing the fact that major of Vietnamese production works all tap into emotional appeals and share a lack of adventure spirits, Alien Media set out their own mission of leveling up Vietnamese commercial production into more global standards. The keys to this goal include the team’s proactive working approaches plus simple yet effective ideas from foreign professionals.

Alien Media: Where mindset of producer blends with modern technology 

First, in terms of human resources, besides having already experienced practitioners, Alien Media aims to nurture a team culture in which skills and rules-of-thumb are passed down among generations so as to nourish the young and new-coming talents. This has created a seamless knowledge flow and close-knit working environment since the very beginning of the team. 

The Alien team tirelessly works behind the camera

Secondly, soon aware of powerful impacts on production process technological breakthrough might have, Alien Media focuses on investing and advancing their robot technology and cinematography, which all reach international levels but "tailor-made" for Vietnamese’s particular demands and budgets. These are considered as catalysts for smoothening the filming process and solving financial puzzles of most clients. 

Moreover, one can hardly ignore the fevers of Music Marketing and Rap songs in Vietnamese commercials this year. In this case, Alien Media has been even more prominent among competitors due to their competencies of having a team consisting of skilled film directors and screenwriters.   

“Khong the cung nhau suot kiep" - a 2020 viral MV showing off Alien team’s impressive shooting and ancient setting building techniques 

In that sense, when approaching unprecedented fluctuations, they always investigate and solve these issues in a confident and systematic manner. The team firmly believes that these challenging times can make room for new opportunities arising, thus creating more and more memorable events in their journey to the global market ahead. 

 A remarkable milestone of Alien Media as well as the whole domestic field: The very first one-take TVC for Apple from the Vietnam production industry

The myths of an Alien team “immune” to the deadly epidemic  

Regarding that production and advertising is a human-centric field, the year 2020 and its whole social distancing phenomenon has been unforgettable for us all. Being no exception to the effects of COVID-19 and preventive guidelines from the government, Alien Media sometimes had to postpone their production process for the sake of partners and their own team.

However, this temporary delay has made room for the next busiest working time when lockdown regulations are loosened and production demands rise. Consequently, overall, Alien Media goes through this challenging year with surprisingly good achievements in quantity and qualities.    

To highlight a journey of 25 years accompanying Vietnamese customers, Acecook has partnered with Alien Media in a work named “Mai ben nhau ban nhe”

Mr. Nguyen Phan Giang - Co.Founder of Alien Media, deciding to look on the bright side, considered the current COVID-19 situations as disruptive inspirations for agility and creativity’s emergence in a new working environment. With this in mind, the team is looking forward to their next performances in the regional market.

Alien Media and their bold journey ahead

Committing to the mission of leveling up Vietnam commercials to global standards, “Sacombank - Visa Infinite” is just one among various global scaled projects that Alien Media has been investing in, besides sustaining their solid position in the local market. Paralleling with treasuring their own creative minds as a sustainable competitive advantage, this Production House also continues to cultivate their ability in creative and post-production stages in order to lead the latest trends.

Despite strengths in global standard production-proven through the mentioned “Sacombank - Visa Infinite,” there is still a great challenge faced by Alien Media, as well as the whole domestic production industry:

Affirming their production abilities in international level projects.

To erase this impediment, the creative elements in every single project are what Alien Media decides to attach to. Regarding those unexpected ups and downs ahead, stay tuned for the upcoming exciting works from Alien Media! 

Truc Quyen / Advertising Vietnam

Ly Qui Khanh and his embodiment of greatest powers in “Sacombank Visa Infinite” - a work by Alien Media

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