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With the vision to become the leading "one-stop-service" ecosystem in communication, The A List is constantly developing multiple new services. We are providing not only effective Influencer Marketing services but also creating new communication solutions.

Unlike others, we oppose either sitting back or falling behind the trend. Instead, we position The A List as an entrepreneur and trendsetter in the influencer marketing industry in Vietnam with many top campaigns in reputable rankings. 

Moreover, we continuously prove our quality in communication with many above the line projects that deliver effective solutions for clients. As a result, every employee at The A List is encouraged and empowered to speak up and take action on the spot.

The A List's accomplishments are never the result of a single person's effort. On the contrary, reaching incredible milestones necessitates valuable opportunities and collaborative efforts. We dedicate such efforts to our daring colleagues and respectful partners.

We are aware of the importance of language in business. Nonetheless, the proverb "doing speaks louder than words" is true in this case. We value prompt action since it helps us break new ground and conquer the upcoming major milestones.

Every A List employee is urged to imbue their every activity with dignity, forward-thinking, mindfulness, and a "strive for greatness" mentality. That is how we create excitement, encourage teamwork and produce outcomes. 

We are a team with a unified goal. With alignment and unity at the heart of our business.We synergize diverse expertises, knowledge, skills, and talents to cultivate growth and drive fearlessly towards achievements.