Networld Asia Group proudly announced the launch of their full-service communications ecosystem comprising of best-in-class agencies in the field of marketing communications and e-commerce to comprehensively meet the fast-changing marketing needs of brands in Vietnam and Singapore markets.

Networld Asia's communications ecosystem comprises of 6 key companies: Brancher.X, a market-leading data-driven media agency; The Meaningful Agency (TMA), a creative agency with purpose-at-its-core; RED Communications, a PR & media relations agency with deep expertise in Health & Wellness; Networld Publishing, a content creation company; Networld Solutions, an Ad-tech & Mar-tech company; and MayBi, an E-Commerce incubator with its own viable High-Street fashion label. 

Networld Asia's roots in Vietnam began as a JV partner of France’s Havas Group since 2012. After 10 years operating as Havas Vietnam, offering Creative, Media and PR services, the founding shareholders of Networld Asia assessed that this is an opportune time to launch an enhanced advertising and marketing communications group called Networld Asia. 

Networld Asia aims to be a communications ecosystem company that provides international-quality end-to-end marketing solutions for international and local brands. The majority of staff have held long tenures in the company from the time it was Havas, performing to exacting global standards while being grounded in the nuances of the Vietnamese and regional markets.

Networld Asia enjoys solid leadership bench strength with nearly 100 years of cumulative experience in marketing, advertising and communications.

  • Mr. Melvin Lim spearheads Networld Asia Group as CEO. 
  • Ms. Ngo Nguyen Ngoc Yen - Managing Director of Brancher.X.
  • Ms. Kara Lehmann - Managing Director of The Meaningful Agency (TMA)
  • Ms. Sue Le - Managing Director of RED Communications

Ambitious brands in Vietnam are increasingly seeking marketing agencies that work to international quality standards of thought-leadership and creativity whilst adapting hyper-locally to resonate with the Vietnamese consumer. Commenting on the current and future growth of the group, Mr. Melvin Lim - Group CEO shared: "Thankfully, we are such an agency group that Marketers are seeking! Networld Asia has been enjoying rapid growth, supported by a portfolio of great clients! Without such clients with similar growth ambitions as us, we wouldn’t be enhancing and expanding our service offerings today! Further fueling our growth is a team of highly driven, experienced, and professional Vietnamese team leaders. Many of them, trained at the global level, are now providing the creative ideas that are powering our success”. He added: “Looking ahead, we are no longer satisfied to be just an advertising agency but rather an ecosystem for clients to deploy content to tell stories creatively about their brands, to resonate with precisely targeted predisposed consumers, in data-substantiated media channels with innovative attention-grabbing formats. Essentially a fully effective communications solution”.

As testament of quality and excellence, Networld Asia’s Brancher.X is ranked #1 of "Top 5 High Profile Agency 2020 and 2021" according to RECMA (The Research Company Evaluating The Media Agency Industry) - an independent organization specializing in evaluating agencies around the world. RECMA awarded this accolade after assessing Brancher.X as having strong growth, high consistency, long-standing stability of the leadership team and superior digital transformation capabilities. 

Fulfilling its objective to be a communications ecosystem, Networld Asia has penned strategic partnerships with leading content publishers in the market like The Thao & Van Hoa (part of the Vietnam News Agency) to provide rich content for brands to leverage for their marketing needs. 

As a key player in the advertising and marketing industry, Networld Asia has created Networld Solutions, a company that is tasked to push the innovations envelope in Advertising and Marketing Technology through development of new advertising formats and platforms to increase efficiencies and effectiveness of ads for the Vietnamese advertising industry as a whole.

With so much happening for Networld Asia, it is no surprise that it has received investment interests from prominent technology investment funds like IDG Capital Vietnam, which is now a vested shareholder of the Group, with an undisclosed investment.

Driven by its mission for communications excellence, Networld Asia’s comprehensive offerings advantageously equips the Group to work with and continue to attract both international and ambitious local brands as clients that have similar growth trajectories as the country of Vietnam and its economy. This same drive for progress and success is reflected in the optimistic sentiment towards the Vietnam economy.