AnyMind Group, a brand enablement platform that provides technology and solutions for influencers, business owners, marketers and publishers, together with UUUM, a Japan-based multi-channel network and a leader in creator management and content marketing, have shared that ARAKA, a D2C outdoor brand for anglers, will be launched on 26 June 2021. ARAKA was created by a group of UUUM’s exclusive YouTube channels, called Tsuriyokadesho, which features content creators who create content around fishing. 

The first product lineup includes a pair of jeans that are designed for anglers and a fishing reel that was made in collaboration with ROOT Co., an outdoor gear manufacturer. Tsuriyokadesho also tapped on viewer feedback from a series of videos, detailing the entire production process, to guide the final products. 

ARAKA was created based on Tsuriyokadesho’s overall concept of “making the great outdoors a playground.” Every detail of products from ARAKA was decided and chosen by members of Tsuriyokadesho, including the design, colors, and materials used. 

Bringing life to Tsuriyokadesho’s concept for ARAKA, AnyMind Group and UUUM collaborated by leveraging on UUUM’s P2C Studio and AnyMind Group’s D2C products including AnyFactory, AnyShop and AnyLogi, for the provision of tools and resources for brand planning, design, product manufacturing, e-commerce enablement and logistics. 

Yorai, a leading member from Tsuriyokadesho, said: “It has always been one of my dreams to launch an apparel brand for anglers, so I’m just so happy to launch our first-ever brand, ARAKA. Furthermore, working with our viewers to create something that anglers would really want was truly enjoyable and a really exciting process. We will continue to produce high-quality products that you will enjoy, and combine playful design with functionality so that even those who have never liked colored or flashy items before will want to wear them!”

The products will be launched on the ARAKA official online store on Saturday, 26 June 2021 from 6 p.m. Japan Standard Time.

ARAKA | First product lineup


A pair of jeans designed by anglers for anglers. The jeans are equipped with various features for anglers. In addition to the utility pockets for storing items ranging from pliers and smartphones, there was also special processing applied to the fabric during manufacturing to prevent the material from getting wet when submerged in water. 

Price: ¥13,800(tax inclusive)

Color: Indigo

Material: Cotton: 99% and PU: 1%

Size range: M (30 inch), L (32 inch), XL (34 inch)


ARAKA’s GRAVITY MAG REEL 360 is a collaboration with outdoor gear manufacturer, ROOT Co.

The reel contains a key holder with a built-in magnet and carabiner. It can be attached to a backpack or belt loop and used to hang an iPhone case or keys. The magnetic reel cord is about 85cm long and has a magnetic load capacity of about 3.4kg. The weight of the hanging object is recommended to be 300g or less. 

Price: ¥3,500 (tax inclusive)

Color: Blue-gray (a special color created for ARAKA)


Tsuriyokadesho profile
Based in Japan’s Saga prefecture, this group of YouTube content creators creates content around fishing. They try everything from bass fishing and mountain stream fishing, to sea fishing and even boat fishing! Tsuriyokadesho also creates content such as picking and eating wild vegetables in the countryside, and more.