Positioning itself in the mid-range production segment, what is the strategy of 18 Studios?

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The mid-level production services are currently favored by Brands and Agencies for the sake of reducing production and human cost whilst ensuring professional execution. Keeping this in mind, 18 Studios was established and embraced the philosophy "Complicated puzzles require outstanding solutions," introducing the most cost-effective and efficient choice for customers. 

In parallel with challenging time and resources, price is a pivotal factor that significantly impacts the finished products. This obstacle is encountered by Brands and agencies, specifically in terms of estimating the appropriate budget while production efficiency can not be neglected. Currently, a decent amount of Vietnamese Production Houses have been operating in the middle and lower-middle segment, which means some categories needed would be considered to cut down to fit in with the budget. As a result, the price is not compatible with the quality. Driven by the market demand while still thinking outside the box, 18 Studios, founded in 2017 and positioned as a mid-range Production House, has set out a unique strategy to capture the market.

Which factors have helped 18 Studios balance production efficiency while still meeting customers' expectations?

Quoc Viet, one of 18 Studios' founders, said: "During our four-year of operating, "Complicated puzzles require outstanding solutions" has always become our mantra. Despite being a young Production House, the experiences and credibility inherited from the precursor company - May Production targeting the high-end segment has enabled 18 Studios to adapt in the advertising industry and gained fulfilling achievements".

Currently, 18 Studios targets mid-range domestic Brands and Agencies. Besides, approaching and promoting itself to the ME Group's foreign partners also boosts line production development for international Production Houses.

One can say that 18 Studios' strategy in capturing its segment goals is revealed through the following three core points:

Most of the Production Houses these days usually seek third parties to support project service provision. However, this working method is high in human resources cost, challenging in ensuring work progress, and lack of standard uniformity. Therefore, 18 Studios has devised a strategy, providing 100% in-house staff to ensure reasonable costs, following with proposing the most feasible production plan to the customers.

More specifically, regular meetings organized by 18 Studios right from the pitching stage are indispensable to present individuals' expertise arguments in risks and advantages in each project. Meanwhile, the team ensures the availability of necessary information in the price range to consult the client with practical solutions. The purpose is to serve affordable projects, yet the quality is still equivalent to the other large Production Houses.

Case Study: "Shinhan Bank - Manage your life your way"

As proof for cost-effectiveness and product quality, TVC "Manage your life your way" by 18 Studios for Shinhan Bank is rated as excellent with large scale production by clients and industry friends. If real wide shots were executed in this project, the crew would have to spend many setup days, scene-renting costs, and props. Hence, the producer came up with a solution that combined real-life shooting and graphics for an impressive overview.

With the advantages of being a total in-house Production House, it is usual for 18 Studios to have exchange meetings after each shooting day for improvement. The crew members feel free to express their opinions and assessment, thus closing gaps in expertise.

It is a plus that the staff is always encouraged to take classes for experiences accumulation and promotion opportunities, transforming 18 Studios full of multi-talented people. You will be amazed to know that 1 PA of 18 Studios can master PTS, 3D, Premiere tools! This strategy is practical to minimize personnel system and costs, also significantly supporting employees' income.

Being a young and dynamic team in this competitive industry, 18 Studios imprints its ability by continually innovating and offering various distinctive products.

Case Study: "7UP - Xuân này hết sượng trân"

Outstanding among lots of advertisements in 2021, the 7UP project is considered tough with 18 Studios. All the scenes need calculating and planning, especially when matching the content with the ‘Before and After’ sets as well as 5 huge scene clusters.

In terms of technology, to have unique shots executed, the crew used a robotic device for specialized filming - Bolt, provided by Ginger Shots, a network partner of ME Group. However, supported at affordable prices, the technical team still had to alter time and location options to optimize the robot's shooting time. In response to strict requirements, meetings were held continuously to go for pitches with the best solutions.

In spite of its impressive growth potential, the mid-level production also poses many challenges for 18 Studios, requiring 200% of the team's capacity and effort for implemented plans.

18 Studios is fully aware that the central point for forthcoming success is human beings, thus has cooperated with various Vietnamese universities to train specialized personnel in short supply, creating opportunities for students to practice with the team. Many talented ones have been retained as a valuable human resource for 18 Studios and ME Group after the internship.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic's effects in 2020, all production activities in 18 Studios are still ensured by thoroughly following the government's strict anti-pandemic safety regulations while actively pushing to thrive further. To conclude, customers can expect more breakthroughs from the team on more local products in the up-coming time.

The advertising market is all about constant change and fierce competitiveness. Consequently, 18 Studios always aims to contribute to a more professional production market with its motto: "Selling reasonable services and solutions."

Ngọc Hân | Advertising Vietnam

Positioning itself in the mid-range production segment, what is the strategy of 18 Studios?

Ngọc Hân

Ngọc Hân

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27 Thg 01 2021


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