June 18, 2020 – As Southeast Asia prepares to re-open and recover from months of isolation and lockdown, brands and business leaders must decide how they will emerge from the pain caused by the pandemic and pave the way for a return to full strength.

In a bid to spark ideas and inspire businesses to ask themselves the right questions, Vero, a Southeast Asia-based integrated PR and digital agency has created a free Recovery Plan Playbook intended for brands and businesses to use as a supplement to their existing recovery frameworks.

The Recovery Plan Playbook is available for download here.

“While many analysts are bullish on the prospects of a steady recovery in Southeast Asia, many factors remain unknown. However, it appears that for many brands and businesses the pre-pandemic ways of business may no longer apply,” said Brian Griffin, Vero ASEAN Managing Director. “We’ve designed this playbook based on the questions our clients are asking us and the advice that we’re giving them. We’re sharing it now because we know that a healthy economic recovery is in the best interests of everyone in the region, not just our clients.”

The Recovery Plan Playbook is designed as a guided thought process for business leaders to use as they plan for the year ahead, with suggested questions to ask themselves as they work to emerge from the pandemic crisis stronger and more competitive. Readers will also find ideas for gathering consumer insights and sourcing new customers and partners, improving employee engagement, and interrogating and reforming their plans for digitalization, public relations, and crisis communications. The Recovery Plan Playbook is designated as a first edition, to be updated periodically as both the regional situation and Vero’s insights evolve.

About Vero 
Vero is an integrated PR, digital and creative agency focused on serving clients in Southeast Asia’s largest and most populous countries. Vero won PR WEEK’s campaign of the year in Asia pacific, and is regularly recognized as among Southeast Asia’s leading agencies by industry analysts. Vero’s team includes nearly 100 professionals in Southeast Asia, and offices in Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta and Yangon. 
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