Following the success of the customer appreciation program “Win gold – Share gold”, which received positive responses from millions of consumers nationwide, Saigon-Beer-Alcohol-Beverage Corporation (SABECO) decided to launch the new promotion “Rise up, Trade up” for Bia Saigon Export.

In Asian culture, red is an emblematic color of strong emotion, associated with good fortune, prosperity, and happiness. Bia Saigon Export, with the vibrant red color package and the symbol of the rising dragon, indicates the desire to change the fate and simultaneously represents the traditional heroic spirit of Vietnam. To amplify that meaning, the program “Rise up, Trade up” provides consumers with attractive and valuable prize scheme, aiming to share the hope of fortune of the Bia Saigon Export as well as keeping the commitment to rise up with Vietnam.

From April 27th to July 20th of this year, consumers from 18 years old who purchase any can or bottle of Bia Saigon Export will stand the chance to win attractive prizes written underneath the bottle caps or can rings. The promotion scheme is highly valuable, comprising of 20 First Prizes of the Honda Airblade 125cc; 200 Second Prizes of the Samsumg Galaxy A51 and millions of cash worth 10,000 dong. The total prize values up to 80 billions dong. Winners can redeem prizes until September 3rd, 2020.

“As one of the beer products with high and steady consumption volume in Vietnam market, Bia Saigon Export has always received strong support from the consumers. For those who have been familiar with the rich and original taste of the beer, the program wishes to share a positive spirit of luck, in addition to praising the value of the long-established tradition which has been engraved on the minds of Vietnamese beer lovers. This is also SABECO’s effort to generate positive changes in the residents’ lives and continue to affirm its role as a companion in the advancing progress of Vietnamese young generation.” said Mr. Bennett Neo, General Director of SABECO.

Associated with the theme of “Rising like Dragon”, the products of the Bia Saigon brand present the ambition to move forward, rapidly rising on the international level of a young and progressive Vietnam. Recently, the Bia Saigon Lager promotion, with the positive message “Win gold – Share gold”, has become a stepping stone to commence the upcoming success of Bia Saigon and SABECO company in Vietnam.