Among the series of events to celebrate the 2nd year anniversary of ShopBase, we announce a piece of news that has marked an important milestone in the growth history of ShopBase: we have made it to join the Commerce Platform of PayPal, which made us the first Vietnamese eCommerce platform ever to become a strategic partner of PayPal - the most popular payment gateway with three hundred and five million active users worldwide.

1. The PayPal Commerce Platform

By joining the program, ShopBase has been able to deliver a lot of benefits to our merchants in terms of payment methods. For example, they will be able to accept payments in up to 25 currencies and allow customers to pay via credit or debit card or even local payment methods.

As the leading e-commerce platform that has empowered over fifty thousand businesses worldwide to start, grow, and scale their brands to the next level, ShopBase organizes an international webinar this May to keep merchants up to date with this program as well with the e-commerce picture during the pandemic of 2021. 

In order to accompany merchants to grow their businesses sustainably and to remove every barrier that stands in their way to conquer success in the eCommerce world, ShopBase is going to shed some light on the money-holding situation and show the ways to prevent this disaster from happening. With our in-depth research, presented by PayPal & ShopBase’s leaders, merchants can reduce the impact of dispute rates on their cash flow.

2. The comprehensive recipe for a trusted Paypal account

PayPal’s payment hold is always a nightmare for any borderless e-commerce merchants if they don’t have another choice but PayPal to get paid.

This on-demand webinar contains actionable strategies and insights to set the online store away from PayPal payment holds. In addition, this free webinar helps merchants lower the dispute rate to under 1% and gain PayPal’s trust easily.

This 21th-May-talk will include 03 main sessions:

  • 1st session: PayPal & ShopBase strategic partnership announcement.

In the 1st session, merchants will get to know how to create a PayPal account right from the ShopBase dashboard, which was supposed to take you a ton of time and effort previously.

Besides, PayPal’s Channel Partner Lead, Mr. Dominic Say will share the exciting news of ShopBase becoming a strategic partner of PayPal, which provides ShopBase’s users worldwide the integrated cross-border eCommerce solution. By joining the PayPal Commerce Platform program, ShopBase has more opportunities to deliver more benefits to our merchants, especially for payment issues.

  • 2nd session: The comprehensive recipe for a trusted PayPal account.

In this session, merchants are about to receive actionable advice to reduce the risk of payment hold, from the industry’s biggest thought leader – ShopBase’s CMO – Ms. Alice Ha. With 04 major tips that have been classified by ShopBase after a lot of in-depth research, this session is the long-awaited part.

  • 3rd session: PayPal Borderless Commerce Report 2021.

In the last session, PayPal’s Channel Partner Lead will share the eCommerce trends, after the threat of COVID-19 subsides, which has significantly changed consumer shopping habits.

By following PayPal’s latest report, merchants can discover the international opportunities in 03 key markets around the world, understand the cultural or seasonal nuances, and connect with buyers in these markets effectively as well.

Besides, our experts will be answering the questions which ShopBase previously collected from the audience.

3. Livestream with Vietnamese subtitles

Merchants all over the world can join ShopBase’s free Webinar – “The comprehensive recipe for a trusted PayPal account” and learn how to clear PayPal payment holds, also get to know the optimal solution to set up a dependable PayPal account: