“Sounds of the Cocoon” Event

Centered on the theme, “Deepening layers, seeking rhythms” is the first project of the Aria Curation Series, “Sounds of the Cocoon'', with a site-specific work of “Kén” (Cocoon). Renaissance Collection, the exclusive distributor of world-famous piano brands Blüthner and Bösendorfer in Vietnam, elevated the whole experience of the event with a legendary piano collection. Combining these works opened a unique and multi-dimensional space with music and art at its core.

The cocoon is the perfect metaphor for the process of gathering essence to prepare for a glorious transformation. The shape embraces a beauty that is already present within, wrapped so tightly while waiting for the right time to bloom. 

In “Sounds of the Cocoon”, that beauty was the music hidden in an art space. Leading viewers to unearth and explore the depths of music and art, the “Sounds of the Cocoon” event evoked feelings of curiosity and anticipation as viewers stepped in and basked in the beauty of music blending in the art space.

Ms. Nhung Nguyen, CEO of Aria Collectives, spoke at the event

Opening with a visual experience in the front hall of Aria Collectives Atelier at 159 Dong Khoi that has been transformed into a giant stage, “Sounds of the Cocoon” filled viewers’ senses with chords and melodies that led them to a central area — the heart of "Kén" (Cocoon) — where a sight of a colourful garden of music welcomed them. This was the epitome of life in its prime, taking shape and transforming into something beautiful and bright.

Throughout the space, piano masterpieces are heard, representing the combination of visual beauty and subtlety of sound. Among them was the splendid Bösendorfer Dragonfly with the image of an Austrian summer garden, the Blüthner Model 1 representing the Blüthner family's 160-year heritage of craftsmanship, and the Blüthner PH installed with a piano self-playing system, which was introduced to Vietnamese audiences for the first time ever.

Artist Liu Duc Anh performs with Bösendorfer Dragonfly

In addition, the audience enjoyed the wonderful performances of Luu Duc Anh, a leading classical music artist in Vietnam, two young talents Nguyen Bao Nghi Anh & Le Hoang Dang Duy, and a special combination of piano sounds and the powerful opera voice of singer Pham Thu Ha.

Special repertoire of opera singer Pham Thu Ha and Bluthner PH

“Sounds of the Cocoon” – Aria Curation Series #0 was a wonderful experience through the senses, a space for every guest to feel and explore the vision of Aria Collectives through the concept presented. It also served as the opening stage of the curation series of Aria Collectives.

The vision of a multidisciplinary "curating station"

When ideas and intellect have developed to a certain extent, the desire for a new platform is formed. “The next mission is to create an original content system,” shares CEO Nhung Nguyen about the direction of Aria Collectives, which connects traditional values with modern perspectives through art and high-end products.

From left to right, Mr. Luu Duc Anh, Mr. Nobuhiko Adachi - General Director of Yamaha, Mr. Thanh Bui, Mr. Enrico Padula - Consul General of Italy, CEO Nhung Nguyen, Curator Nhu Huy

The incubation and crystallization of the past have opened up the vision of the Aria Collectives’ “curating station”, an intersection of past, present and future, where all possibilities are connected and brought to life to become emblems of unexpected beauty.

Mr. Nguyen Nhu Huy, Executive Creative Director cum Curator in Chief of Aria Collectives.

“I suppose this is a very suitable time for new things, for hopes and for the future. Aria Collectives was born at the right time. In such a space, there is always something unexpected, creative and imaginative for the public to expect,” says Nguyen Nhu Huy, Executive Creative Director cum Curator in Chief of Aria Collectives.

About Aria Collectives

Aria Collectives is a multidisciplinary "curating station" of culture, art, music, cuisine and experience through product lines ranging from iconic Italian furniture to world-renowned grand pianos by Blüthner & Bösendorfer, and other creative cultural and artistic products such as paintings, sculptures, and art objects.

With the noun "collectives" in the plural form, Aria Collectives implies that within "collectives" are many other "collectives" and so on, opening up endless depth for art to come to life. It will be the place to bring Vietnamese culture to the world and introduce world culture to Vietnam through a variety of fields and art forms to deliver a multi-sensory experience in the form of Aria Curation Series.