Female power plays a crucial role in many debate topics and has maintained to be a talking point in the community. In the creative communications field in recent years, by default, voice of brands has always been an important part, contributing to the changes in both a society’s behavior and point of view. The said voice unexpectedly enhances the role of women as well as encourages them to create more values.

When gender discrimination is still a barrier

It is the truth that society gets more open on the topic of sexuality as new generations come. This is supported by how many female expectations and behaviors are loosened and are now more common in areas that are once only acceptable for males. However, traditional gender roles for women remain the societal norms for many in our culture when it comes to domestic life. Perhaps the old proverbs about female expectations have created some kind of psychological pressure for the female gender? Or is openness/honesty merely a transient surface? 

Actually, whether it’s being in the workplace or being at home doing chores, women only need to pick one. Whether they put on an apron or a pantsuit, if it brings happiness and pride to them, any option is the respectable/right option. As the First Lady of America - Michelle Obama has said “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish. We can do everything and become anyone that we want to be.”

A start from reliance on women’s timeless beauty

Some brands fight for gender equality, arguing that there is a greater world out there for a woman instead of just around the house. Meanwhile, ENAT has taken its time to listen to women to understand them better. Because understanding society’s expectations for genders, including gender discrimination and prejudice, is a difficult task to follow.

ENAT focuses on the brand purpose, accompanying women to find their own happiness. Starting from the inspiration of achieving timeless/unfading beauty. The brand evokes the joy of living when one is being true to themselves, satisfied with everything passions and hobbies with the strategy “Just live confidently, age is just a number.” A key moment that reminds a woman to step back and question themselves about the true joy of life. However, at any age, the feminine gender has valuable experiences - something that those numbers help them achieve.

... to pursue their life purpose

Right on March 8th- International Women’s Day, instead of giving the best wishes, ENAT continues to remind women of the realities of gender stereotypes that still confine women until this day, especially the acknowledgment of the unrecognized achievements that women have contributed outside of their traditional roles.

No matter how talented and capable a woman is, based on an outsider’s point of view. As long as they have an undisciplined child, or a bad husband, everything will be turned against them, as if they are responsible for everything. It’s not true that women volunteer to take in both the hard work involved in being a housewife and a career woman. The ideals of domesticity in society have put intensive pressure on women to perform the duties of being the perfect daughter, wife, and mother.

The message “The beauty of a woman needs full appreciation” is one particular to motivate women who dare to choose themselves over what is expected. This is not a new objective, and it is those challenges that women meet that prompts ENAT to continue to celebrate and inspire women to live fully, choosing what makes them while escaping societal pressures that have shaped them.

By portraying the unthinkable acts that women can achieve, the film is a nod to womanhood and encouragement for women to not be afraid to defy gender stereotypes - a mindset that can determine the possibilities of pursuing their values. 

This is also considered the first step of ENAT in 2021 with positive reactions digitally after its launch. The project also continues with interactive events such as posing next to backgrounds - symbolizing the social labels imposed on women including “Good Wife", “Responsible Mother”, “Well-mannered Daughter”, etc.

Pioneer brand standing with abused women

Not only does ENAT encourage women to live up to their beliefs and ideals, it also accompanies those who are victims of mental abuse. The brand launched a short film “Abuse is Not Love” to bring awareness to women who are going through this experience so they can protect themselves. Especially during the social distancing periods, women are in even more risk of experiencing domestic violence. Stress and other mental-related issues can make people act harshly and some may exercise power and control over their partner. According to WHO, some reports indicate that calls to domestic violence helplines, police, and shelters increase during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

With that being said, any act of abuse that causes hurtfulness to women cannot be excused in the name of love. Above all, the love they deserve should start from respect and understanding

In addition, ENAT has collaborated with Vnexpress to create a Podcast series – Emotionional Abuse through podcast@vnexpress.net and hotline 0833553386 (or the hotline of the Vietnam Women’s Union 1900969680) to get advice and mental support for victims.

Becoming one of the leading brands for natural vitamin E in Vietnam, ENAT has paved a different pathway when it decided to focus on the journey of building a healthy lifestyle with women. Launching campaigns in support of gender equality is the goal that helps ENAT not only build a sustainable image, but also grow revenue as an inevitable outcome.