Anh Quân has made a name for himself by being a talented commentator on YouTube and sharing his passion with his fans. With a desire to bring a new way of football commentary, Anh Quân has over the years built his own YouTube channel, featuring content around the latest happenings in domestic and international football tournaments. 

With EURO 2020 being one of the hottest football tournaments of this summer, Anh Quân, who had joined AnyMind Group’s AnyCreator influencer network, has shared that he has received sublicensed rights from TV Advertising and Services Center - Vietnam Television, to use content from EURO 2020, including highlights and clip rights of the competition, on his YouTube channels, namely “BLV Anh Quân”, “BLV Anh Quân News”, and “Web Thể Thao 247.”

This marks a key step in him bringing football closer to fans in Vietnam. Besides watching the match live, fans eagerly await highlight videos, comments, and photos that satiate their passion for football. Through Anh Quân’s YouTube channels, football fans can easily catch the latest happenings as well as commentary from Anh Quân about the EURO 2020 tournament. 

Anh Quân shared: “I am always looking to provide my audience with new experiences when watching a match. Right from the early days of starting my presence on YouTube, I’ve always focused on the quality of content instead of following trends to become famous, and that has garnered enthusiastic support from my audience. My team and I will definitely bring a special way for Vietnamese football fans to enjoy EURO 2020.”

Nguyen Thi Ha My, Vietnam country manager for AnyMind Group, said: “The growth of social networks in recent years has evolved the way users access information in Vietnam. Content creators can bring new angles and approaches to how information is delivered. Over the years, we’ve constantly developed and launched new tools and solutions across our customer bases, including influencers and content creators. By leveraging on our tech and resources, influencers and content creators are now empowered to contribute new value to society.” 


About Anh Quân

Anh Quân is a sports commentator in Vietnam as well as a television emcee. Anh Quân had a breakthrough in his career when he became the first Vietnamese commentator to report on the El Clásico match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, live at the Camp Nou. In addition to being a commentator and television emcee, Anh Quân also has his own YouTube channel, where he tries his hand at being a YouTube content creator. 

About AnyMind Group

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