Yam Live: Empowering content creators to become independent entrepreneurs

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The rise of the Creative Economy has paved the way for the birth of numerous over-the-top (OTT) platforms, establishing a new lucrative playground for creators. According to Allied Market Research, the OTT market was valued at 121,61 billion USD in 2019 and is projected to reach 1,039 trillion USD by 2027. These days, OTT services are a trending technology across the globe, enabling customers to immerse in all kinds of trendy content in a single space. 

In Vietnam, Yam Live is honored to introduce an OTT platform created by Vietnamese people, catering to Viet creators from all walks of life. Yam aims to bring creators closer to their fans, helping them generate stable income and form meaningful relationships with advertisers.

Advertising Vietnam met with Ms. Cindee - General Manager of Yam Live, and Creator Dua Leo - Yam Live Business Advisor to know more about the untapped potentials of this brand new player in the digital content scene in Vietnam. 

ADVN: What do you think about the growth of OTT platforms in Vietnam?

Ms. Cindee: In recent years, international OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, WeTV, etc. have gained popularity in Vietnam. Due to the pandemic, artists are holding live concerts via YouTube; students are attending online classes on Zoom; meetings and events have gone virtual, etc. This shift has prompted the growth of OTT platforms in Vietnam.

In addition, the growing number of Vietnamese mobile users and rising issues surrounding content licensing and censorship in international OTT platforms further accelerate the process.

ADVN: What sets Yam aside from other OTT platforms in the market? 

Ms. Cindee: Yam is the first Viet-made mobile app operating on a social networking platform, designed to help content creators from various fields connect with fans while generating sustainable income through a profit-sharing model.

We value creative freedom, therefore, we grant creators full autonomy to produce and circulate content however and whenever they desire. We emphasize 4 factors:

Most importantly, Yam provides rising creators and influencers with a full set of tools to connect with brands and advertisers. 

ADVN: What does it mean to have Yam - a Vietnamese-made OTT platform?

Mr. Dua Leo: I am currently on Patreon, an international OTT platform. However, fans might meet with certain difficulties with Patreon’s payment process when supporting Vietnamese creators. I joined Yam as a business consultant and also a fellow creator aiming to come up with efficient ways to support creators here in our country. With clear profit-sharing policies and a user-centric motto, Yam will help creators get access to financial support from the audience so they can focus on producing quality content and engaging with fans.

ADVN: Nowadays, creators seem to struggle with striking a balance between generating stable income and securing their creative freedom. What do you think about this?


Ms. Cindee: In reality, the prevalence of the Internet brings various new playgrounds to creators, but it also poses specific challenges in generating income. The ever-changing content scene forces creators to stay on top of trends to retain viewers and appeal to advertisers on each platform. 

Moreover, the fierce competition in the content landscape makes it incredibly challenging for creators to craft an effective business plan and seek sponsorships and brand deals. Small and new creators are also met with the lack of tools and consultancy to generate effective content and build a personal brand. 

Therefore, besides ads revenue, fan-to-creator monetization platforms are a new trendy way for creators to build a sustainable career. However, few online platforms can provide the necessary tools for them to become true independent entrepreneurs, especially in Vietnam.

ADVN: For many, the appearance of ads in content is not favored by the audience. What are your views on this?

Mr. Dưa Leo: This is partly correct, but surely not enough. Consumers usually don't like forceful and hard-to-grasp ads, yet prefer ones that are gracefully integrated into content.

However, the frequency of ads and the audience's perception and sentiment towards them may not reflect their effectiveness. When I was a student, my friends and I enjoyed watching commercials from overseas for their creativity and humor, but no one could afford those products. With ads for necessities like instant noodles and shampoo, however, we would likely make a purchase regardless of whether we like the ads or not.


ADVN: What are some of Yam’s policies and tools to assist creators as well as advertisers?

Ms. Cindee: Yam provides creators with the right tools to build their own business models while complying with local regulations. For instance, we offer a relationship management system, production support, data analysis, marketing strategy consultancy, etc., to help creators understand their audience and craft compelling, relevant content.

We partner with many content creators specialized in diverse formats, from podcasters, YouTubers, musicians, local businesses, etc. With Yam, creators receive nearly 80% of the total earnings from fans’ membership and will be assisted with transaction fees and income tax declaration. They also get access to Yam’s exclusive features, including personalized channels, interactive tools that enhance user experience, Yam Lab, which offers creators the chance to learn from the experience, and opportunities to connect with advertisers.

Indie artist Tung partnered with Yam for the Tree Talks music series.

For advertisers, the biggest challenge is to select the right creators and, via them, form authentic connections with consumers. To tackle this, Yam provides a comprehensive overview of creators for advertisers to choose the right partners and collaborate effectively. 

In particular, Yam offers users a personalized experience for optimized engagement, ensuring the right content reaches the right audiences at the right time. Yam’s data analytics help advertisers measure creators’ performance and test new initiatives in real-time. Moreover, Yam implements strict regulations to ensure that all content adheres to fine customs and does not contain personal information, sensitive images, or false facts.

Therefore, advertisers can benefit from a simplified, seamless working process with creators and measure campaign results without having to interfere with the creators’ content production. 

ADVN: What opportunities and challenges has the pandemic presented to Yam?


Ms. Cindee: Covid-19 has prompted many creators to produce content on social networking platforms, gradually shaping new content consumption habits. Millennials and Gen Z users spend more time and money on entertainment and self-development; they are more willing to follow and support creators. The popularity of online fitness courses, virtual concerts, live streaming events, etc., means more opportunities for brand deals. This sets the tone for Yam to thrive in the upcoming months.

However, the number of social media users skyrocketing poses certain obstacles. False information circulating on social networks generally creates an unhealthy online environment, worsening the stigma surrounding social media. Therefore, content verification is surely not an easy task for Yam. To combat this, Yam prioritizes meaningful content and limit the spread of sensitive ones by protection tools on the platform.

ADVN: What direction is Yam moving towards in the Vietnamese market in the near future? 

Ms. Cindee: Created by the Vietnamese, Yam promises to open up a healthy social networking space where Vietnamese creators can let their colors shine through and create content that resonates with the audiences and advertisers.

Thank you for these interesting insights, Ms. Cindee and Mr. Dua Leo! Best wishes to Yam in the upcoming projects! 

Creators, KOLs, Influencers who are interested in joining can follow Yam's official channels and contact Yam for more details:

Email: [email protected]  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YAM-live-103052518193531/   

Website: https://yamlive.vn/

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Yam Live: Empowering content creators to become independent entrepreneurs

Tâm Thương

Tâm Thương

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24 Thg 12 2021


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