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We are not a fan of the age-old, complicated agency model. Aurora is a gathering spot of talented people who always keep a burning passion for work, are curious to explore the world, and attempt to strive for the best solutions and long-term results.

We are Aurora - a pioneering strategic consulting agency that brings together people who always keep their passion for work and curiosity about the world. We aspire to find goal-oriented solutions and outcomes that last.

Aurora exists to help companies become top brands. Our methods originated from our Light Chaser, who have many years of experience working at the leading enterprise in Vietnam, an in-depth understanding of branding, a skill to capture customer insights, and the ability to analyze the market accurately.

How we make a difference

To go beyond the limits and achieve breakthrough results, Aurora constantly focuses on finding the greatest creative solutions depending on the budget, requirements, and resources of our clients.

By continually looking for novel ideas and innovative concepts, we would make brands stand out anywhere there are potential clients.

Our creative method “The Light Journey”

The solution to marketing problem of your brand could be solved by a method named "The Light Journey" which means the journey of pursuing the light.

There is common sense that the fastest route between two points is a straight line. But what if there are too many obstacles in the way? Would that remain true? If the straight path would only result in further losses, we need to veer off that at this point. Or in 4D and 5D spaces where time is possibly bent, the Alpha jump becomes the shortest path to help us reach the destination.

“The Light Journey” is a method to help your brand start from point A (current position) and go to point B (brand goal) in the fastest and most effective way.

Here are the three main premises that help us draw the creative model “The Light Journey”:

Discover how we work with top brands

During 03 years of operation, Aurora has been providing solutions for more than 20 leading brands in the industry: Vincom, Vin Homes, Vin Wonders, Vinfast, Oppo, Grab, Vietnam Airlines, Huawei, FLC Group, and Landmark 81 Sky View.

03 core values that help us implement a successful long-term campaign are strict standards on output products, priority real-time responses, and flexible adaptation to any small changes in the market. Our proposals not only provide solutions to your marketing problems but also help to soothe your brand's concerns about the new direction.

Project IMC Plan: Vincom Festival Season

Innovative solution: Vietcombank Grand Promotion

Rebranding: The One Furniture

So are you ready to own…

Outstanding brand positioning

Effective marketing strategy

Inspiring content ideas, creative design, and reliable brand image

We look forward to hearing exciting stories about your brand and helping you find the simplest and most effective solution to achieving your goals!