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We are young, creative and passionate members in Digital Marketing. With a deep understanding of Digital Marketing and customer insights, we propose effective plans to help your Brand go Up.

Established in 2013, BrandUp is known as a marketing and brand creation company. Our strategy focuses on a beginning – to – end approach to identify creation and development.

With 10 years in the industry, we have profound knowledge and experience of business strategy, digital marketing, technology and innovation.

Being a business and marketing consultant for several global and local brands, namely AIH – American International Hospital, HFH - L'Hôpital Français de Hanoi, CIH – City International Hospital, Hoan My Group, Mercedes Benz, Samsung, Honda, BlueStone, Imperial Group, PVFCCo, The Face Shop, Murad, SimpleCarry, An Dong Pharma, Morinaga Milk, Vivazz Sangria, OATTA – Thanh An,… We can ensure a consistent execution all the way from brand strategy to real – time metrics and dashboards.


The more developing the society is, the more demanding modern people are, especially when it comes to their health. This leads to the drastic increase in demand for high quality healthcare sector. Accompanied with AIH since 2018, BrandUp has tackled their special concerns about “how to raise brand awareness at the very early stage and footer marketing performance in the next stages?” by our Digital Solution

From what we achieved, BrandUp has been honored to be AIH’s companion on the journey of becoming one of the leading International Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City – after 2 years built up. 

In 2019, BlueStone came to us with the brief of 360-degree Marketing Plan with special concern about Digital Marketing Solution. We became BlueStone’s partner after several rounds of discussion just to find out “ How can we refresh a new brand image in user’s top-of-mind and deliver the highest performance for rocketing sales growth?”. 

Besides that, we got the high impressive results on Digital Media with les budget than the benchmark because our video had the meaning also, we invested to create beautiful video with high quality to deliver our message “ First Class Healthcare You Deserve” for Hanoi French Hospital

The eMagazine was the great article to share the new positioning of Hanoi French Hospital in the hospital market via the vision of CEO (Mr.Jef), we also had the landing page for eMagazine to help user can easily access the articles.


With a core team of many years of experience combined with young creative talents, the enthusiasm and positive energy that you and your colleagues are spreading is a solid foundation to help BrandUp continue to perform, mission, contributing to bring the best service experience to all its customers.

BrandUp is the second home, where we connect and spend most of our daily time living and working, so that in any role and position, we are always proud to be BUers.

We change the way of thinking, doing, saving time and improving work efficiency; We always work hard and dedicated to promoting the BrandUp more and more “Up Inside”.