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Collective Design Agency is a branding & digital experience agency specializing in human-centered design, transformative technology, and digital storytelling. We elevate and realize our client’s vision with effective strategy, innovative approach & masterful storytelling that create lasting impact. Our vision is to tell the stories yet to be told and render them into the modern era.

Hi, we are Collective.

At Collective Design Agency, we are a trailblazing branding and digital agency founded in 2020 as a subdivision of Collective Studio. Our steadfast commitment to client success and our international team (Hanoi | Saigon | New York) foster a unique perspective and global mindset when approaching design. We are dedicated to empowering our clients, transforming their visions into reality, and supporting Vietnamese brands in adapting to the international market, all while showcasing Vietnam's cultural values on the global stage.

Our Team

Our diverse team of talented designers and developers allows us to offer an extensive range of services, from branding to web design, print design, and digital storytelling. We firmly believe in a collaborative design process, and our Agile-inspired approach ensures adaptability and efficiency in addressing any challenge. We take pride in our role as expert consultants, forging partnerships with our clients that lead to mutual growth and success.



In the realm of branding, we understand that a strong brand identity serves as a lasting bridge between a client's vision and their audience's perception. We strive to create brand identities that resonate globally and leave a lasting impact, synonymous with excellence.

Throughout our project engagement, we also help our partners identify important brand touchpoints, including physical and digital platforms, as well as key brand applications such as

 Posters & Banners

 Social Media

 Product Packaging

 Supergraphics & Signage

 Stationaries & Merchandise

 and more.

This comprehensive approach ensures a consistent and compelling brand experience across all user interactions.

Digital Experience

As for digital experiences, we recognize the significance of crafting engaging websites, user interfaces (UI), and user experiences (UX).

By leveraging our expertise in design and technology, we identify opportunities to elevate our clients' digital presence, ensuring their brands stand out in today's interconnected world.


At the heart of our philosophy is a commitment to strategic thinking, storytelling, and collaboration.

By integrating our clients' brand values into every project, we create compelling narratives that resonate with audiences worldwide. We involve our clients at every stage of the project, emphasizing a partnership-based approach to ensure alignment from strategy and design to implementation. This dedication to collaboration and adaptability is closely aligned with the Agile approach, fostering an environment where both the agency and the client benefit from a two-way relationship.

Through our work, Collective Design Agency strive to make a positive impact, helping our clients succeed, particularly by assisting Vietnamese brands in navigating the international market. By doing so, we contribute to elevating Vietnam's cultural influence on the global stage, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to the growth and development of our clients and our community.