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We specialize in helping ambitious brands succeed in Vietnam's dynamic market, whether they are new challengers to established leaders or established brands seeking to maintain consumer relevance. Our breakthrough creative ideas have a transformative impact on consumers, culture, and commerce.

We are Dinosaur Vietnam - the Creative Agency for Challenger Brands.

Our team of international award-winning creative and strategists deliver innovative and distinctive work that cannot be replicated. From surreal to groundbreaking, our limitless ideas enable challenger brands to break from the status quo and compete with market leaders. Dinosaur Vietnam provides a comprehensive range of services, including brand strategy, integrated advertising, social media, content partnerships, KOLs, design, and production. Trust us to guide your brand towards a lasting legacy.


We are the proud recipients of a diverse array of creative awards, including Adstars, Young Lions, Dragons of Asia, Mobile Marketing Awards, Muse awards. These accolades serve as a powerful motivator for our team at Dinosaur, fueling our passion and dedication to the industry.


Some of Dinosaur's notable media projects have helped clients assert their position in the market, bring positive results, and change consumer preferences. Dinosaur working processes are divided into distinct phases. First of all, we start with identifying the client's business challenges. After all the challenges have been identified and clearly communicated, we then work closely with our client to come up with many creative solutions to solve the problems. Through research, our goal is not only to discover new trends that are aligned with our solutions but also to find a chance for our client to take the lead in the market. 

Client: Nuvi milk (Nutifood) - Nuvi World 

Two gold awards from the Muse Award 2023 competition in the category of Video - Animation and Video - Children. Our deep understanding of maternal perspectives has enabled us to offer mothers necessary tools to form closer bonds with their children and better cater to their needs.

Client: Merries - ‘’1st class” kids - The culture kids - Wonderland of good behavior kids

After the first-year launch and the new positioning, the market share of Merries increased by 1.2%, and the mom’s community started talking about the “1st class” kids”. In the 2nd year, we added a new facial recognition detection into our content on the wonderland microsite to create more engaging activities with moms.

Client: Angela Gold - The forgotten flower

Platinum & Gold awards at Muse award 2023 for Influencer Marketing Content - Branded Content in Healthcare & Pharma Industry categories. Our idea has successfully answered the brief ’s requirements: understanding the TAs as well as the sensitive industry to convey the subtle message. Most impressively, the visual cue “golden flower” and the term “golden treasure of the 30s” which help highlight the USP of Angela Gold products. 

Client: Rockstar - Fueling Long-lasting Energy

Golden for Branded Content - Food & Beverage Muse Award 2023. The videos were carefully crafted to have a similar structure, allowing them to be seamlessly linked together to form an infinite chain. This served as a visual metaphor for the long-lasting energy of Rockstar. The campaign was a success, effectively communicating the brand's value proposition and making a strong impression on consumers.