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Vero is an award-winning communications consultancy advising some of the world’s leading brands, corporations, and non-profit organizations across Southeast Asia. We design integrated marketing and communications strategies that resonate within the region’s digital ecosystems and fast-growing economies.

General Information

With offices in Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, Vero is a team of 200 PR, social, digital, influence, and creative professionals. 

In Vietnam, Vero works with international clients such as Tiktok, Mercedes-Benz, Duolingo, Signify, SP Group, United Tastes.

Ngân Nga Việt Nam - NSND Bạch Tuyết, NSND Thuý Hường, NSƯT Vân Khánh (Official MV) | TikTok Việt Nam

Dorco - Trở ngại đầu tạo khí chất đàn ông

Winner of PRovoke’s 2021 Southeast Asia Consultancy of the Year Award, PRWeek’s Best Places to Work APAC 2022 and Marketing Interactive’s PR Awards 2022 Best Pharmaceutical and Health campaign for ‘Love is Hard, HIV prevention is easy,’ Vero has a distinctive approach to earned media, putting digital technology at the core of its business and championing stories of progress.  

Vero regularly produces research papers examining relationships between brands and audiences, digital trends, and emerging cultural impact. Vero produces playbooks for brands on topics such as but not limited to management of disinformation threats, and the media ecosystem of esports.