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Established in 2015, we position Xanh Marketing as a Digital & Creative Partner with the mission of spreading “happyness” through creative communication projects. Through 8 years of operation, we have accompanied 100+ customers to successfully implement 500+ projects of various sizes. Our creative ideas and strategies are created based on our deep understanding of Vietnamese culture and our clients.

The understanding of Vietnamese culture and human identity, as well as the desire to explore new technology platforms and grasp consumer trends, are what we possess. Xanh Marketing is proud to generate communications campaigns containing both humanistic creative philosophy and elements of surprise, bringing the communication messages closer to the target audience.


We are proud to introduce 4 core services, which are:

• Creative Solution

• 360 Digital Performance

• Social Management

• Influence Hacking

If you need any, then drop us an email today.


Xphin Model is a strategic and creative planning model developed exclusively by Xanh Marketing in the shape of a phin coffee filter.

Phin Coffee is an old-school coffee brewing method of the Vietnamese. It’s also an “energetic drink” for creatives. We feel enthusiastic whenever we get a new client’s brief, just like waiting for the coffee to drip and enjoying a very Vietnamese coffee cup.

A cup of coffee is extracted from several ingredients with a mindful process. Likewise, a conceptual communication campaign is created from complicated information and data.


Finance: HomeCredit, Manulife, AIA, digimi, MSB,...

Real estate: VinHomes, NovaWorld, Batdongsan.com.vn,...

Healthcare: LiveSpo, WHO, New Choice, Fiesta,...

F&B: Domino’s Pizza, Cocoxim, Pepsico,...

Electronics & Household goods: Sunhouse, Tefal, Việt Tiệp,...

And many more.


Xanh Marketing team consists of over 70 people who all contribute to the entire process, from research and ideation to implementation. To transform Xanh into a learning organization, Xanh's members constantly learn on the job and share knowledge. All efforts, collaborations, and new initiatives are encouraged to achieve the shared vision.