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ZEE is a strategic partner for brands that aim to connect to stylish and premium consumers. We make state-of-the-art creative products that drive consumers' aesthetic and lifestyle forward. Through a multi-channel and full-stack approach, we aim for not only sales but community, not only buyers but also followers, not only like but also lead. Our products — does not matter the touchpoint — are contemporary, hype-worthy and beautiful.

Arrived on the scene in 2016, ZEE was ready to shake up the advertising & communication industry. And shake it up we did — In 2017, we were chosen to launch H&M’s highly anticipated market penetration campaign in Vietnam. The campaign was a total game-changer, breaking records and making headlines. 

And thus, we found ourselves evolving from a PR agency into a full-fledged IMC agency, partnering with leading brands at home and on the global stage, such as Unilever, adidas, H&M, Chanel, Samsung, vivo, GUCCI, Jo Malone London, Hoà Phát, VIB, etc. Together, we created creative IMC campaigns that topped charts and generated unprecedented sales.

From day one, ZEE has embraced a “lifestyle” approach to creativity to bring fresh, aesthetic, and practical solutions. As we became known for it, we infused this essence into all aspects of our work, fostering innovative solutions and a fulfilling culture. From our two creative hubs in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, our team of 100 lifestyle-agents™ pushes boundaries to deliver unforgettable work.

Positioned to become the leading Lifestyle-Focused™ Creative Agency in Vietnam, ZEE is at a turning point in its development, working to establish a disruptive ecosystem of creative powerhouses that propel brands forward.