Between a successful business and a pool of potential customers is a crossing bridge - made up of countless pieces from all shapes and sizes, ranging from “product" to “marketing". Each piece has its role and characteristic to fulfill. However, to be able to adapt and develop in a multi-faceted market, the bridge itself has to be confronted with relentless volatility and continuous transformation that fits the current situation and thereby stands out from other bridges.

Therefore, businesses and companies often turn to agencies since the in-house marketing team does not have enough manpower and specialized knowledge to run a successful advertising campaign. Here are the 8 most common pieces of the puzzle that every newbie needs to know about the agency.


“When you understand someone, you can win them over completely" - this statement leads to our misinterpretation on the role of data analysis, market/customer research, and even the process of “blending into” every facet of the society in order to determine the right audience for the business.

People who work in this field must possess a sophisticated, detail-oriented, and a versatile mindset to recognize the answers lurking behind the collected data. For this piece of puzzle, INFORMATION is gold. Exploiting such valuable information sources is liking searching for a giant “treasure chest" for businesses and enterprises.

Notable agency names included: Nielsen, Kantar, Cimigo, Gcomm Vietnam, Q&me, Vina Research, Decision Lab, Buzzmetrics, etc.


If you're a fashion enthusiast - you might have heard of GUCCI, Chanel, Vogue, Versace, etc. If you have a burning passion for speed - Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, etc. should be familiar to your mind. Indeed, they are brands - the names that we instantly recognize when they're briefly mentioned, and what product category they represent. The transformation from a conventional business to a real brand is impossible without the effort of this type of agency.

With the crucial role of formulating a promotional strategy based on the business' goals, visions, and target customers - thereby giving the most appropriate and reasonable advice that don't only bring products closer to the consumers and bringing brands to new height, but also reviving businesses and enterprises that are at risk of collapsing.

Notable agency names included: Sedgwick Richardson, Richard Moore Associates, Intheblack, Wisdom Agency, Awareness ID, Phibious Vietnam, etc.


For random bizarre reasons, people are fascinated by products with attractive appearance or outstanding posters. Thus, this gave birth to the design industry - or in marketing, there's a specific department called the creative agency to satisfy those needs. An old proverb said that “Goodness is better than beauty", but in the face of advancement and progress in human labor, it is required that the “beauty" is compatible with the “product's quality".

Creativity is associated with the design process, but the design is not drawn on paper and sculpture, but it is executed on computers and specialized applications for illustration and editing such as InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. to assemble captivating banners or flyers. In the 4.0 era, computer technology has dominated the throne, and there are a plethora of opportunities for the youth generation to learn and explore. Hence, it justifies how our human being has become more “demanding” overall.

Notable agency names included: Ogilvy, Dentsu, Mullen Lowe, Isobar, Happiness SG, TBWA, JWT, etc.


Similar to creative agency, digital agency is inclined towards web design, or app design on computers and mobile devices. Digital Agency is also responsible for developing social media products.

After the blooming popularity of social media sites and applications like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, the role of this job becomes extremely important. By collecting, reviewing and analysing online interaction, we can find the most suitable solution to effectively develop the reputation of a brand.

Examples are: Time Universal, Mirum, York (Grey Group), Wunderman Vietnam, Isobar Vietnam, Splash Interactive, Sutrix Media, Beau Agency, Media Gurus, Ozerside, Clever Ads, Admicro, Nova Ads, King Bee Media, Le & Associates, Gapit, Idee, VHT…


It doesn’t matter if you are a grandmaster of “design”, or a witch of “photo editing”, as long as you’re sharp-witted then this is your home. Media Agencies will heavily prioritize connecting with other means of media such as television, radio,... Though these means are considered extremely rudimentary methods of advertising from the 70s to the 90s, but because of its prominence in those eras, it will be easier and quicker to let your products reach them.

A must-have and most important skill in this home is negotiation. Being able to negotiate will help businesses to be satisfied with the placement and format of the advertisements, along with the time that the advertisements will appear on television.

Notable examples: Mindshare, Dentsu Media Vietnam, WE media, iBranding, Moore, Vietba Media, Goldsun Framedia, Le media,…


Another sibling that partially “resembles” Branding Agency but Production House will be specialized in producing short films, animated advertisement videos,... It’s not too different from a minimized film crew with a smaller scope but the nature of the work is extremely serious and difficult when the content has to be condensed, and the product placement in the story or the short film is not too inconsiderate.

With a similar purpose to promote the brand but this time, ideas would be turned into reality and messages would be conveyed to the consumers.

Notable examples: Diamond Cutter, Alien, Glass egg, Glowingstudio, BlueR Production, Fuji Production, TPG Film, YOLO pictures, Freaky Motion,…


Every business needs a sponsor, as no start-up companies could be successful if there are no funds. For the “EVENT” piece, the most important mission is to attract sponsors, partners. Not only do they organize events for the business, but the business themselves could also organize charitable events, sponsoring any organizations and individuals in order to leave an impression for the partners.

This is the piece that unites people that love to meet and socialize with people, building great and everlasting relationships, and with an immense love for professions in the media industry such as journalism. Finding the right partner, work collaboratively in a mutually beneficial partnership on the same pedestal, but with the volume of the work and the team doubled or tripled, then everyone will be propelled much farther and higher.

Notable examples: Vector Vietnam, Havas PR, Golden Event-PR, BBright, LaVita Events, Young Entertainment, Brand2Event, Gazefi Events,…


For products that are pretty new, people will be hesitant to try them out. Businesses should not be passive in their approach as the development progress will come to a halt. Applying new strategies and models such as creating an introduction booth with a sample so customers could test it, allowing customers to experience the products and their qualities on-site will accelerate the process of allowing the products to reach more customers.

The interactive format could vary based on preferences and could be extremely creative: it could be a hairstyling competition so hairstylists could try types of conditioners or it could be a free makeup session for customers - customers can see the quality of the products along with the final results instantly. Creating an interactive format requires creativity but this creativity could be seen as the acceleration rate in the formula calculating the velocity of brand development.

Notable examples: WorldLine Brand Experience, Brandmax, Focus Marketing, Delta, BlueSky, Geometry global, Always Field Marketing, Encompass, Stadia Media (Epic Rights),…

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