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Remerge is an independent adtech company that helps mobile app marketers find and engage high-value app users at all stages of the journey. By serving highly relevant in-app ads through advanced targeting methods, Remerge drives user activation, retention, and revenue.

We are a performance-driven app retargeting partner that helps you maximize user lifetime value and accelerate growth for your app businesses.

Fully managed service

No bandwidth? No problem.

Our team of experts becomes yours.

Maximum audience reach

Find your valuable users thanks to high quality inventory, at leading scale.

Buying efficiency

Optimize budget spend with advanced machine learning and human ingenuity.

Creative services

Leverage our professionals to resize, optimize or build out ads from scratch.

Transparent reporting

Enjoy access to raw data, custom reports, and open communication lines.

Highest data security

Rest assured: as a data processor, we never share user data with others.