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Sun Wolf Animation Studio
Sun Wolf Animation Studio

Spreading the values of Vietnamese folklore through animation.

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Passion for animation has always encouraged us to create our own animation universe. Sun Wolf's Creative inspiration roots from Vietnamese traditional culture.

Sun Wolf Animation Studio was born in the spirit of "Connection, Pioneer, Vietnamese Traits", pursuing a fantasy (mythical) cartoon style mixed with a bit of adventure and action. The passion for animation motivates Sun Wolf to put all effort into exploring, researching and implementing our animation projects. With consultation from cultural experts, Sun Wolf brings novelty from simple and familiar aspects in Vietnamese life through stylized, creative drawings and modern graphics. All fairy characters, legends, folk songs, cuisine, poetic village scenes... are all inspirations for Sun Wolf to learn and develop our own animation universe..

In 2017, we produced our first 20-minute short film "Dragon and Fairy Legend: The Untold Story" with Biti's Kids, honoring Vietnamese folklore. The film hit a record of 4 million local views in the first 36 hours of premiere. It was screened at more than 110 local schools.

In 2021 we presented to the world our first hand-drawn animated short film LINH MAGIC POWDER. The film was officially selected to compete at the 48th Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) and the 29th Stuttgart International Animated Festival (ITFS) in the International Competition category. ITFS and SIFF are among the earliest and most famous animation festivals in the world and listed as Oscar-qualified festivals.

Since 2022, Sun Wolf has collaborated with popular local IPs such as Seven Coloured Rabbit and Én, silly swallow to produce cartoon series. The episode “Thần Bài Miền Tây” achieved top 1 youtube trending in 4 days.

In 2023 we successfully crowdfund the series “Hoạt hình con thỏ”, which became the first successful animation crowdfunding campaign in Vietnam.

Sun Wolf Animation Studio also provides full animation production and IP development consulting service for brands.