Alien Media transforms into new generation Creative Production House in 2021

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Established in 2013, Alien Media is recognizable to the Vietnamese media and advertising industry with many commercial advertising and MV that lately has achieved TOP trending on Youtube.  


Leaning on an experienced creative team with innovative and disruptive ideas, Alien Media has offered tailored solutions and affordable prices to the customer. As a result, the team has harvested prosperous results during their seven year journey, the mission of which is to elevate Vietnamese advertising reaching international standards and consequently, transform themselves into a Creative Production House.


The remarkable efforts of an enthusiastic and talented group 


2020 is an unforgettable year for the media and advertising industry when numerous advertising plans, production activities, and events have been delayed, or even canceled due to the pandemic and safety regulations. Facing this overall’s market challenges, Alien Media also had to suspend operations to ensure production teams and partners' health. 

By the ability to adjust correspondingly in any radically changing situations , Alien Media regarded such challenging year as an opportunity to break through - in both shortening production and exploring innovative approaches yet ensuring all products' expected quality.


 The chameleons constantly changes to best adapt with the newest trends

With the endeavours of saving the market from "frozen" state, Alien Media always tries to provide solutions that meet customers' requirements in the most creative and adaptive direction, which brings out products going beyond all expectations.


First, let’s take a look at the international standard projects implemented in 2020 that have affirmed Alien Media's capacity, such as:

TVC Sacombank Visa Infinite


Besides, Alien Media also exhibited their production and creative powers through the following products: Lazada Series, Vifon Bumper Series, Suzuki Carry Pro. Some more outstanding projects of the team in the late 2020 - early 2021 period, such as MV BEP AM NGAY TET (Truc Nhan, Thanh Thuy, Knorr); Short film TET MO LONG (Lipton); LAC XI MOMO 2021.


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They had to produce many projects in a limited time and budget but still reap remarkable achievements. Hence, Alien Media are "aliens" that are fearless to face all challenging situations. 

The colorful innovation in early 2021 of the "alien” team 

With unlimited production and creative capacity proven through successful projects from 2020 to 2021, Alien Media decided to transform the current Production House model into a Creative Production House. Changing the operation direction will help the team maintain the creativity "flame" in each project. In that sense, the brains behind will be more active in learning and cultivating knowledge through experiences. At the same time, the creative powers will be reinforced during their journey of conquering more obstacles and staying ahead of latest trends.

The 2 founding members of Alien Media since 2013

(From left to right: Mr. Nguyen Phan Giang - Mr. Kawaii Tuan Anh)

The team that "never sleeps" at Alien Media are the faces of directors, writers, and actors with extensive experiences, such as:

The Director-Writer Couple Kawaii Tuan Anh - Minh Chau: The pair are household names among clients, agencies and audiences through their massive music successes, especially those that achieve Top 1 Trending Youtube. Addressed as the "million view" director-writer duo, they are often trusted and chosen for huge projects of Vbiz. Looking back on 2020, the duo have teamed up with Alien Media in more than 15 different MVs, among which did gain 5 "Top 1" in the Youtube rank.

The "million view" perfect match: Kawaii Tuan Anh - Minh Chau and their team members.

Art Director LanZi: The important factor in Alien Media's significant projects in 2020. He was in charge of two music videos: Khong The Cung Nhau Suot Kiep and Gap Nhung Khong O Lai, which display historical and cultural factors that are incredibly convincing. He is a very trusted art director in the media and advertising industry with the ability to diversify his personal image and breathe a new life into his design sets.

Actor Tran Nghia and actor Thua Tuan Anh: Two male actors have frequently contributed in many MVs of Alien Media in the past year. Although busy with many different schedules, they are indispensable parts in the team’s outstanding works, requiring the duo to constantly improve and adapt their acting skills. 

Tran Nghia and Thua Tuan Anh are two household names frequently contributing in many MVs of Alien Media

These desirable outcomes, fulfilled by a creative team of their own, have now fueled Alien Media with confidence to turn to a new path - A Creative Production House that can assist and participate in not only budget/ time issues, but also services that require richness in creativity and artistic knowledge.

Mr. Phan Giang also shared that the milestone marking the transformation of Alien Media started when music marketing started to mushroom. Thanks to previous experiences in creating various successful music products, Alien Media had the opportunity to cooperate with many agencies and brands for video content production. However, the communication process is usually lengthy because it takes much time to brainstorm ideas, decide deployment methods, and finally down to production. Even so, with creativity potentials they have long nurtured, Alien can stand side by side with the agency and brands in the birth of concepts and ideas. This does help in saving time, optimizing costs, and consolidating mutual trust for customers. Besides, those positive changes and achievements in 2020 are also the "stepping stone" for Alien Media's transformation into a Creative Production House in 2021.

The "alien" team promises to bring intriguing and exciting works in the upcoming year

As a Creative Production House, Alien Media believes that they can offer the most feasible and suitable solutions for customers who have high expectations on content quality, cost efficiency, and production time. Moreover, Alien Media also expands into the following services: Script content creation, participation and in-depth consultation on artistic design stages, digital content consulting support. To make this real, the team of "aliens" must constantly promote their human resources, well leverage the power of a young team, and especially advanced technology.

Starting from a small Production House, with relentless efforts to adapt and change flexibly, Alien Media has showcased its influence in the journey of affirming Vietnamese production capacity in international projects.

On the ride to conquer global production, in 2021, Alien Media aims to continue upgrading facilities, technology, and personnels so as to produce more creative and unique products with both artistic and commercial values. Simultaneously, the entire team is reaching out to become a new generation Creative Production House, asserting its position and capacity in the media market. Stay tuned for Alien Media's exciting future development journey!

Truc Quyen / Advertising Vietnam

Alien Media transforms into new generation Creative Production House in 2021

Trúc Quyên

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