Quốc Cơ & Quốc Nghiệp - Đằng sau ánh hào quang

Brand: Generali Vietnam

Agency: Utopia

Production: Updating

Published/Aired: June 28,2018

Posted: 01/08/2018


There are so many places to go but we always come back home at the end of the day.

Quoc Co & Quoc Nghiep – two princes of Vietnamese circus have marked many milestones throughout their career, from setting a new Guinness record in Spain to attending the final round of Britain’s Got Talent. Their outstanding performance has been a talk of the world, making them become a hero in audience’s heart.

When coming back home, Quoc Co & Quoc Nghiep simply are just ordinary family men who are always there for their beloved ones. In honor of Vietnamese family day, let’s discover another story of the Giang brothers at their peaceful home with Generali.

We have produced this video with elaborate production steps and require thoroughness to ensure that the emotions of those who share their stories are always genuine.

Stage 1: We interviewed the family of Giang Brothers before them from British Got Talent returned to Vietnam for two days.

Stage 2: Editing interview footages of the family to show in the Giang Brothers' interview day.

Stage 3: We kept secret all the plans and Giang Brothers just thought this was an interview from the brand and after the interview, they were invited to watch a gift, the video we prepaired for them.

Stage 4: After the two brothers were prepared for a high enough psychological by watched the video, we brought to the Giang Brothers another special moment, the appearance of their families.

That is how we get the true share from the hearts are loving each other sincerely and in the most.

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Client : Generali Việt Nam | Bảo hiểm đến từ Italia
Creative Agency / Production : Utopia Creative Studio
Dir : Tony Lam Hoang
Content Supervise : Mr. Dung Vo
DOP : Cong Danh Tran
Production Manager : Uyên Thư - Quỷ Nhỏ
Editor : Em Vy
Producer : Đặng Vic, Phúc Duy Nguyễn
Music : Bách Tran Huu Tuấn
Studio : Rêvon Studio