Traveloka - Rewards #3 | Người đàn bà "Bất lực"

Brand: Traveloka

Agency: Unknown

Production: Mad Productions

Published/Aired: September 17,2018

Posted: June 10, 2019


A very memorable project with Traveloka!

Do not despair! Traveloka reward points are available - uplifting the country to wait for the next trip:

  • Book airline tickets, hotel rooms on Traveloka, and go back to get points.
  • Earn points, redeem vouchers Eat, Entertainment, Health & Beauty, Lifestyle, Services, Online shopping.
  • Good deals from famous brands like Tiki, Shopee, JAMJA, NOW, Laneige, Robins, Plus Coffee, MIA, Leflair, MARC Fashion, JAMJA, ...

Thanh Tu has successfully redeemed reward points! And you?

Open the Traveloka app and check the Traveloka reward points right away to see how beautiful it is!

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Agency & Production house : MAD Productions
Director : Minduke
DOP : Ly Thai Dung
Producer : Nhii Dinh
Script : MAD Team
Actress : Thanh Tu