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Karex has strengthened its digital footprint in Vietnam and sparked fun and intimacy in the sex-shy country by teaming up with MullenLowe Mishra Vietnam to enhance its social presence and eventually, the brand choice for its ‘ONE’ brand of condoms among Vietnamese people.

The Malaysia-based condom manufacturer produces more than 5 billion condoms annually, exported to 130 countries worldwide, and is committed to changing views on sexual health through products that inspire people to make safer but pleasurable choices.

Mr Ang, from Karex, said: “We are delighted to partner with MullenLowe Mishra Vietnam. They are a team who have a hybrid mentality. They combine strong local insight and fresh ideas with a good grasp of Vietnam’s social media dynamics.”

Vietnam has a population of 100 million people and happens to be a country where millennials and Gen Z account for nearly 30% of the total population.

MullenLowe Mishra, CEO Saby Mishra, said: “Karex have a sophisticated approach to branding, their team is driven by strong consumer knowledge and they are innovative in a way that resonates with young Vietnam. MLM is inspired to be partnering with them in building out their Vietnam business.”

Hung Nguyen, Business Director, MullenLowe Mishra, said: “One condom’s vibrant brand persona represents the spirit of Vietnamese consumers. With our unique social strategy and creativity, we intend to make this brand a top choice locally.”

Together, through a string of upcoming activities on the digital platform, Karex, and MullenLowe Mishra with a unique set of Vietnamese influencers strive to break down some of the shyness and stigma around sexual health with a dash of local creativity and openness.