How fan-to-creator platform Yam ignites passion to create lasting values

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The Vietnamese creators’ playground will welcome a new, strong player named Yam Live in the upcoming months. Yam is an OTT video platform with exclusive features tackling the annoying obstacles creators encounter in producing and circulating digital content.

As the youngest member of ME Group, Yam helps creators generate income directly from fans’ support and connect with potential advertisers to become independent entrepreneurs, leveraging its profit-sharing model. 

Let’s take a closer look into Yam’s mission and outstanding features that make Yam the promising go-to community for talented creators!

Yam is a streaming app that connects fans with their favorite creators by providing exclusive video content. It is a social networking platform created by Vietnamese people with the aim of eliminating barriers between creators of all fields and their followers and ultimately help them generate a stable income stream.

Yam’s outstanding features include:

  • Livestream, where the audience can interact with creators and support them financially.
  • Yam Lab - the learning hub for creators to hone their skills and enhance content quality.
  • Yam Analytics, which provides creators with a comprehensive set of data, including the number of searches, views, earnings, etc.
  • Community (Yam Creator Community), where creators can exchange information, share ideas, promote their events, etc.
  • Exclusive Content - available for users to enjoy at a reasonable price.
  • Preview of not-yet-public content from followers’ favorite creators.

Positioned as “a community led by the community”, Yam works with content creators to form an open, welcoming space where they can follow their hearts and build fans’ communities, as well as yielding their well-deserved income. That is when “Passion creates legacy” as creators’ passion is nurtured into compelling content, helping them make a name for themselves in the creative world.

To accomplish this mission, Yam prioritizes two primary criteria:

Establishing a unique space that provides information transparency and an ad-free experience: Yam grants content creators full autonomy to produce and circulate content. Their content can feature their talents, such as singing, dancing, exercising, cooking, or simple discussions on current trends and valuable knowledge. Yam also makes sure these productions comply with Vietnamese fine customs and traditions and do not contain personal information, sensitive images, or false facts.

Generating stable income for creators by operating a profit-sharing model and connecting them with advertisers: creators receive nearly 80% of the total earning from their content and will be assisted with transaction fees and procedures. Therefore, they are enabled to make content creation a sustainable source of income.

Profit-sharing model benefits creators and Yam

At Yam, creators who dare to follow through with their passions can generate steady income and bring their own colors to the online entertainment scene in Vietnam.

In the pursuit of its mission, Yam first chose to initiate a collaboration with Tung - a young multi-talented artist who establishes himself as a singer, songwriter, poet, and writer. Tung is experimenting with a unique music genre in Vietnam and seeking a reliable partner to reach new milestones in his career.

One of the headaches for indie artists like Tung is that they have to balance the tension of securing full autonomy and creative freedom while delivering relevant, quality content to fans. Therefore, Tung decided to cooperate with Yam from mid-2021 for comprehensive support from Yam's team from the initial stages.

Tree Talks | Ep02: Hai Chu Heo Con / O Day Luc Nay | Tung x Yam

In this collaboration, Yam assisted Tung in content production, strategic planning, and business consultancy. Thanks to a more streamlined, optimized workflow, he has more time to enhance the quality of his content and connect with potential advertisers. Tung can secure his artistic freedom and easily monetize his work with Yam’s exclusive solutions, such as interactive tools, access to user insights, and data analysis.

Driven by his undying passion for the arts, Tung advances his career step by step while creating value for society. Yam's timely appearance undoubtedly accelerated his process. Now, Tung is no longer alone on his path as he is accompanied and empowered by Yam to become a true independent entrepreneur.

Recently, Tung has released his first content on the platform and received tremendous love and positive feedback from fans. These are only pilot projects; Yam is determined to implement more extensive marketing plans to deliver even more impressive results in the near future.

In the months to come, Yam will continue to assist independent artists in achieving their career goals. Specifically:

  • When artists plan a new project, such as releasing music videos, they can rely on Yam as a business partner. After evaluating the project’s potentials, Yam will offer consultancy and support artists in one or several stages of production, from video shooting, visuals design, teaser making to UGC (User Generated Content) generation. 

  • Moreover, Yam proposes effective marketing and business strategies for artists to implement in order to appeal to advertisers whose vision aligns with theirs. 

Without a doubt, besides promoting originality, Yam also brings artists closer to their fans and bridges the gap between artists and advertisers. From a broader perspective, their burning passions can inspire and fuel other artists to pursue their dreams and bring more values to the OTT community.


Yam has shown relentless efforts to actualize its "Passion creates legacy" mission from the early stages. Yam believes the platform will accompany content creators from all fields in conquering new heights and bringing values to the community. Let's stay tuned for Yam’s impressive remarks in the upcoming months!

Creators, KOLs, Influencers who are interested in joining can follow Yam's official channels and contact Yam for more details:




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How fan-to-creator platform Yam ignites passion to create lasting values

Tâm Thương

Tâm Thương

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10 Thg 12 2021


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