Active ingredients: Miracle for the skin


The latest skincare trend is pointing towards active ingredients include Retinol, AHA, BHA, PHA, and Vitamin C, which have gotten the approval of many Vietnamese beauty influencers and enthusiasts, because of their miraculous effects on the skin. Active ingredients are essentially what make a skincare product powerful as they address specific concerns like acne, uneven skin tone and aging. 


Ms. Hannah Nguyen, Co-founder of Skinetiq cum famous beauty blogger, said: “High-quality retinol is not easily accessible for many people because it’s considerably pricey. This ‘medicinal god’ slows down the aging of the skin when used throughout the years. I am determined to launch retinol products with the ability to maximize anti-aging effect, and minimize skin irritation but don’t break the bank for Vietnamese users. To accomplish that, I decided to choose Kolmar Korea, the world’s leading cosmetic manufacturing group because I believe that the Kolmar team of experts and technology will help make this goal a reality. And they did!” 


According to Mr. Bui Ngoc Anh, CEO and Co-founder of Skinetiq, Vietnam’s middle class is enjoying a rapidly increasing income, leading to the rising demand for beauty and personal care. It is expected that by 2024, the domestic beauty and personal care market will be worth about 2.8 billion USD. Add to that is the fact that Vietnamese e-commerce sector’s growing tremendously, changing consumers’ buying behavior and creating a room for the growth of the beauty industry, especially for D2C (direct-to-consumer) beauty companies like Skinetiq.   



Hannah Nguyen - Co-founder of Skinetiq company and a well-known beauty blogger and Mr. Bui Ngoc Anh - CEO and Co-Founder of Skinetiq

Candid - Maximum effectiveness, minimum irritation at reasonable prices 

Candid active skincare line offers an international standard skincare solution at a reasonable price that is suitable for Vietnamese women. With an exclusive formula board and encapsulated technology for Retinol 1% and Retinal 0.5%, Candid helps users experience the skincare process with not only maximum anti-aging effect but also minimum irritation and peeling of the skin.  

Candid’s motto is "Simply effective skincare that does not compromise"

Candid means “truthful and honest” which also is the value that Candid’s team is aiming for: bringing safe, effective skincare solutions with reasonable prices for both local and international modern women.   


Doctor-Pharmacist Truong Cong Tri shared: “Candid’s motto ‘Simply effective skincare that does not compromise’ is suitable for the general trend in skincare nowadays: simple, effective and non-invasive. Accordingly, Candid products can overcome the limitations of retinol such as avoiding dry skin by using additional moisturizing ingredients; reducing flaking or irritation due to controlled retinol with gentle release into the skin from microcapsule, nano-biodegradable that biocompatible with skin. As can be seen, Candid is safe for skin, and promotes efficient skincare in a simple, gentle, effective way.”   


(From left to right) Doctor-Pharmacist Truong Cong Tri, Mr. Bui Ngoc Anh and Ms. Hannah Nguyen

Candid skincare products are now officially available on Candid website and Facebook page. After the launch of its first four products, Candid will continue to research and release its fifth product by the end of this year. The brand also plans to launch products into e-commerce and retail chains which are suitable with its orientation.   


About Skinetiq   

Skinetiq was founded in January 2020 by entrepreneur cum investor Bui Ngoc Anh and Hannah Nguyen. It operates with the mission to bring high quality and affordable price beauty products to Vietnamese consumers. Currently, Skinetiq is the distributor of AHC — one of the most famous skincare brands from Korea, belonging to Unilever International Group, which has captured the hearts of domestic and international beauty devotees.   


In addition to strengths in brand development & marketing, and managing online sales channels, including e-commerce and social commerce channels, Skinetiq also possesses an outstanding ability to aggregate and analyze data to enhance customer experience. Skinetiq now aims to become a beauty and lifestyle company distributing and owning several beauty brands through the D2C business model.