Brides are being sold to help raise Awareness for women trafficking in Vietnam

In a campaign launched by WeGeneration, a CSR platform by Click Media and VMLY&R, “Brides” dressed in Ao Dai are up for sale online which parallels the way young Vietnamese girls are sold like goods in real life.

Vietnam remains to be a top source for women trafficking in Asia. Girls, as young as 16, from the rural areas are sold for the initial price of 1 million VND. They are lured with false promises of jobs and better lives but end up being abused in countries such as China, Cambodia, and Malaysia. Most of the time, their own families are the ones who give them up. In Bride For Sale, these facts are reflected through the lens of an e-commerce site, something everyone is familiar with. These days you can buy anything online easy and fast in a similar way these girls are being traded.

Not only for awareness, the campaign also leads people to donate by “buying her freedom”. Users are directed to two legitimate Vietnam-based NGOs, Hope Unending and Alliance Anti-Trafic to help fund their programs, PAC (Prevention, Awareness and Capacity Building) and Where Dreams Bloom. “Human trafficking and abuse happens in many forms and in every nation. No population is exempt from the tragedy of individuals being deceived, trapped, or innocence stolen. People of all ages and genders are not commodities to be purchased, sold and enslaved. Children and young people are particularly at risk. Hope Unending was established to prevent exploitation from happening. As we celebrate International Women's Day, we rightfully honor and respect women and mothers who are cornerstones of society. As we turn our attention to doing what is right in this time of celebration, please consider with us the millions who SHOULD be celebrated but are absent. Trafficking needs to STOP. Together, TODAY, we can make a difference! We are pleased and appreciative to be partnering with the WeGeneration to raise awareness and accomplish our goals.” -Marie Watson, Founder/ CEO of Hope Unending

"We wanted to tackle this issue of women trafficking with an impactful message. With Bride for Sale, we aim to shock people with the reality that people are being sold under our noses. Too often we forget that even if we aren’t directly affected by this problem, we have the responsibility to help our fellowmen.We created WeGeneration, a CSR platform to house campaigns for the social good, Bride for Sale becoming its first campaign. For this project, we collaborated with Hope Unending and Alliance Anti Trafic because we trust in their programs. We hope that this campaign will shed light to this national problem and rally up people nationwide"- Nguyen Thi Hai Ha, Managing Director –MD, Co-Founder of Clickmedia and CEO of VMLY&R Vietnam The sale runs for the entire International Women’s Month.

Note: The girls in the materials are models. Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the real women. Update details of Bride for sale campaign at: