On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of bilateral cooperation between Canada and Vietnam in 2023, SIFA Festival is proud to play the role of creating a bridge between the two countries in the field of cinema and art, bringing impactful content about society from the two countries to the general public.

On the last June 2nd, 2022, the first SIFA Festival Awards Gala was held in Montreal, Québec, Canada with 150 guests in the field of cinema and art, and more than 50 artworks and films, sent from all over the world, including Vietnam.

From right to left, Ms. Thi-Be Nguyen, Founder of SIFA Festival, Ms. Vo Ngoc Tuyen (Kelly), Founder Dear Our Community

"We want to introduce films of Vietnamese social impact to audiences in Canada and hope to organize the SIFA Festival in Vietnam as soon as possible. We look forward to receiving inspirational works. Inspiring, bringing positivity and solutions for a better future," shared Ms. Thi-Be Nguyen, Founder of SIFA Festival.

About SIFA Festival

SIFA Festival together with local partners such as Dear Our Community and Canadian Business Association in Vietnam (CanCham), RICE Content & Media, Global PR Hub, CoLab Vietnam and Ivy+Partners introduced the event to connect and launch SIFA Festival for the first time in Vietnam. The award hopes that Vietnamese filmmakers, artists, non-profit organizations and businesses will participate in sending art projects and works to the program. The application process will be officially opened at www.sifafestival.com.