“Pro bono publico”, in Latin, means “for the public good.” This generally refers to services provided by companies for free, especially to non-profit organizations or causes the company personally believes in. Over the decades, pro bono projects have become more essential and substantial, and are considered a significant chain in NGO (non-governmental organization) projects and CSR (corporate social responsibility) campaigns. Remarkably, many corporations are now more aware of the responsibilities they have to employees, customers, and communities. Pro bono is an advocacy in itself; a service that’s aimed at helping, not gaining profit. 

Acknowledging the huge impact, the campaign had on Vietnamese society and the value of all community projects done by other enterprises, Ivy Nhi Chau, CEO of Ivy+Partners has pledged her commitment to providing pro bono projects at least once every quarter. 

“As a PR agency focusing on culture, Ivy+Partners always aims to bring practical contributions to the public. With the creative ability of an experienced team and the strong network with press and influencers, Ivy+Partners wants to contribute a part of our strength to brands and organizations in their journey of conveying positive energy and life-changing messages to the community,” said Ivy Nhi Chau.  

Portrait of Ivy Nhi Chau - CEO of Ivy+Partners 

Since its establishment, Ivy+Partners has constantly supported meaningful campaigns in Vietnam for free, helping its organizers spread its message to a wider audience. In fact, Ivy+Partners has constantly supported pro bono campaigns, such as: My Community, My Story; NFT Lecka; Flaw x Cu Chot; The Fair and SIFA Festival.

Project "My Community, My story" attracted more than 80 attendees from consulates, businesses, social organizations, schools and students.

Ms. Vo Ngoc Tuyen (Kelly), currently Head of Philanthropy Advocacy at LIN Center for Community Development, also a Founder of Dear Our Community, is a person with many years of experience working in the NGO industry. 

Prior to this cooperation, Vo Ngoc Tuyen (Kelly) said: "As non-profit projects are always limited in resources, the support of PR partners like Ivy+Partners is very important. The cooperation between the PR company and social initiatives should be promoted more and more, so good values can be spread widely to the public. Ivy+Partners helped the film making contest social impact 'My Community, My Story' by Dear Our Community is closer to young people who are eager to contribute to society and create positive change for the community.”