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Vero joins over 200 creative firms in pledging to decline any future contracts with fossil fuel companies, trade associations, or front groups related to the fossil fuel industry


Vero recently signed the Clean Creatives pledge, joining over 200 creative firms which pledged to not engage in contracts for PR and advertising campaign support for fossil fuel companies, trade associations, or front groups associated with the fossil fuel industry.

The Clean Creatives pledge is a global movement bringing together leading agencies, their employees, and clients to address the advertising and PR industry’s work with fossil fuels. It believes that the PR and Advertising industry can be complicit in helping fossil fuel companies resist mounting international pressure against their activity. And it puts the responsibility on advertising and PR professionals to choose to work with brands and on campaigns that promote a greener future for the planet. 

By signing the pledge, Vero sides with another 200 agencies, and 600 independent creative consultants worldwide who have also taken the Clean Creative Pledge to not work for fossil fuel companies. 


Vero employs approximately 150 PR, social, digital, creative and influencer marketing consultants, and advises some of the world’s leading brands, corporations, and non-profit organizations across Southeast Asia. Vero owns offices in Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.


“Fossil fuel extraction and distribution is the most burning threat facing our planet. At Vero, every day, we task ourselves to tell Southeast Asia’s collective stories of progress, and today, we decided that this mission could not reflect the ones of fossil fuel companies. Instead, we will focus on creating campaigns for and with organizations that believe in a future powered by real actions to address climate change. We commend the Clean Creative collective for starting this crucial conversation in our industry, Climate Change is an over-encompassing challenge, and as brand communicators, we have an undeniable role to play,” said Raphael Lachkar, COO of Vero.  

Raphael Lachkar, COO of Vero


Vu-Quan Nguyen-Masse, Vero’s Brand and Culture Director adds “values have evolved post-COVID-19. We know that the ethical standing of organizations now plays a big part in job selection. Signing the Clean Creatives pledge is a commitment to the planet we live on, the people we work with and the clients we advise.”


“Vero has always been dedicated to doing the best and right thing for clients and communities across the region. We’re no stranger to turning down contracts with clients whose values don’t align with our own. Trust is our first and most important value. We trust our people to make the right decisions at work, and as an organization, we know our clients and prospects have elevated expectations about how we can do right by them and their external stakeholders.” 

Vu-Quan Nguyen-Masse, Vero’s Brand and Culture Director


“Southeast Asia is especially at risk of the devastating effects of climate change, some of which have already been seen this year. This is just the first step in terms of Vero’s commitment to sustainability and progress in climate change. Creating exemplary communications about this world-changing emergency is key to helping us find better sustainable fuel sources. As a group of creatives, we’re excited to see how we can put our expertise and knowledge towards doing good for the planet” said Nguyen-Masse.

 More information about the Clean Creative Pledge can be found here: