Grab 7 years “Keep pace with Vietnam” - Road to super app model starting from ordinary things

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For any individual or organization, 7 years must be a journey of complete changes and many special meanings. However, for Grab particularly, it is a milestone marking the constant development and improvement of brand image and services to become a super app pioneering positive changes in the community.

Together with Advertising Vietnam, let us put Grab’s branding journey into perspective via the “Grab 7 years - Keep pace with Vietnam” campaign.

Debuting in Vietnam in 2014, taking the first step with GrabTaxi service, Grab has expanded to many other services and has now become the leading multi-service super app in Southeast Asia. Looking back at the journey of accompanying the Vietnamese market, Grab has provided services to meet the people's essential needs nationwide. In addition, they also strive to carry out the mission "Grab For the Community" through various volunteer programs, contributing to the life-quality improvement of Vietnamese.

The representative of Grab shared with Advertising Vietnam: “Starting as a primary transportation booking app 7 years ago, Grab is now a super app model serving users’ human needs, including moving, food and goods delivery,... In the 7-year journey, we have witnessed car drivers, street vendors, or small businesspeople having a more stable life thanks to the income earned from the Grab platform.

Besides, via the mission “Grab For the Community”, we have cooperated with many organizations, departments, and agencies to initiate many charity programs such as "Building bridges to class", "Strong community for sustainable development" to dedicate to improving the living standards of Vietnamese people."

With the spirit of excitement and pride, in May 2021, the campaign "Grab 7 years - Keep pace with Vietnam" took place to celebrate the 7th anniversary of technological transformation along with Vietnam’s growth. The campaign quickly received tremendous responses from the audience. Let's take a look at the sweet fruits of success that the campaign "Grab 7 Years - Breathe Vietnam" has reaped after 3 months of launching:

  • The short film "Grab 7 Years - Keep pace with Vietnam" attracted nearly 4 million views on Youtube
  • 73 million impressions on Facebook
  • About 700,000 interactions on social media and the influencers

In the film, Grab cleverly combined essential milestones on the road to perfect the super app ecosystem:

  • November 2014: Launched GrabBike - Motorcycle booking service
  • June 2015: Launched GrabExpress - Goods delivery service
  • March 2016: Launched GrabCar - Car booking service
  • June 2018: Launched GrabFood - Food delivery service
  • October 2018: Cooperating with Moca E-Wallet, expanding cashless payment services on Grab app

Following the flow of time, after 7 years in service in Vietnam, Grab has become a part of Vietnamese people's lives. Not only do young people love technology, but older people are also getting used to the presence of Grab.

Instead of choosing a brand representative or famous artist to participate in this campaign, the Grab team found that Grab's daily users, Partners, and traditional market merchants or in other words, people taking part in Grab's ecosystem, worth being the brightest "KOLs" of the campaign.

Closely zoom in on the “KOLs” of the campaign.

Through the short film "Grab 7 Years - Keep pace with Vietnam", spreading the art of storytelling that can touch viewers’ hearts, Grab wished to portray the idyllic stories of very ordinary characters that people may once run into in this hectic pace of life. And somewhere in the short film, you can also find your own stories.

Strangers who soon became familiar through bike rides, hot meals delivered to doorsteps with the message "Never Miss a Meal", or baskets of fresh food during the quarantine are all parts of our colorful reality of life. And Grab, a familiar companion with the Vietnamese market over the years, has always kept in mind and loved to share.

Through user-centered stories, the short film conveyed the message that all services Grab has been striving for the better revolve around the actual needs of users, helping users overcome barriers in life to move forward all together.

The storytelling element of Grab has always been the bright spot in Grab's campaigns and short films.

The approach phases of the "Grab 7 Years - Keep pace with Vietnam" campaign were also rooted in factors already familiar to users. With careful distillation of stories in which we are all the main characters in our daily life, the brand implements the communication plan "Grab 7 Years - Keep pace with Vietnam" with 2 main phases:

In addition, Grab also continuously launches attractive promotional codes to celebrate Grab Vietnam's 7th anniversary to spread joy and encourage users to use the application.

The representative of Grab Vietnam expressed: “When embarking on the campaign, the team carefully distilled the daily stories where we are all main characters, or witnessed and heard about. Especially during the COVID-19 causing many changes and uncertainties, these stories have spread more human value than ever. Successfully provoking sympathy from the audience, Grab’s campaign has brought the team's incredible achievements. It is such a very optimistic and encouraging signal for the execution team.”

Publisher: Advertising Vietnam

Content: Tuong Minh

Design: Dat Dang

Grab 7 years “Keep pace with Vietnam” - Road to super app model starting from ordinary things

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Tường Minh

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