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On 28th April 2021, Maison Hennessy officially introduced their global campaign "All I Need" to the Vietnamese public, invites young Vietnamese people to freely express their talents and make a big impact to the world. In this campaign, Quang Minh – founder of Headless streetwear brand from Vietnam, was given the honor of taking part as one of the 10 chosen Global Vanguards - typical individuals representing young creative generations around the world.

Quang Minh – founder of Headless was given the honor of taking part as one of the 10 chosen Global Vanguards - typical individuals representing young creative generations around the world.

Capturing the energy and excitement of artistic innovation in all its forms, the Hennessy Very Special’s “All I Need” campaign honors Hennessy’s commitment to creative expression.

An ideal platform for showcasing avant-garde creativity, this new initiative by Hennessy is designed as a showcase for talent. At once local and global in scope, it aims to introduce audiences to some of today’s most compelling artists and inventive influencers and to give them a forum for sharing their vision with the world.

The All I Need’s Global Vanguards Society includes a broad spectrum of creative talent from all over the globe. Though these artists come from all walks of life, they share a sense of self-determination, a game-changing creative approach, and a desire to shake up the system. Together, this collective represents the spirit of the Hennessy Very Special brand.

The campaign aims to inspire a new Vietnamese generation of creatives and to make greater impacts to world through the story of different real-life gamechangers. The global casts who come from the relevant urban territories in Vietnam – music, dance, fashion, food & drink will be also revealed to the public soon including:

  • South London - England; Music: Bradley Zero Phillip, who goes by his given names, is the founder of the multi-genre label Rhythm Section International. A DJ, broadcaster, and tastemaker, he was part of the founding team for Boiler Room, a livestreaming start-up that grew into a force in the global music industry. Today, the studio he runs serves as a platform for nurturing the next generation of musical talent. [source: LinkedIn]

  • Lagos - Nigeria; Dance: Kafayat “Kaffy” Oluwatoyin Shafau-Ameh, is the founder and owner of Imagneto Dance Company, a Lagos-based group that mentor’s professional dancers and promotes cultural exchange. A dancer, choreographer, instructor, and fitness coach, she is best known for breaking the Guinness World Record for "Longest Dance Party" at the Nokia Silverbird Danceathon in 2006. She has also pioneered an innovative visualization-based method for teaching dance in an accelerated learning environment. 

  • Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam; Street Fashion: Drawing on his experience in graphic design and as art direction, Quang Minh launched the street style label Headless in 2015. A brand that reflects his personal style, Headless combines underground influences, from manga and anime to hard rock, with unisex style. Quang Minh continues to work in media and is a vocalist in the hard rock band Razor Leaf.

The Hennessy Very Special “All I Need” is designed to expand organically through various formats, both on- and offline, bringing a sense of movement to a dynamic, ever-evolving scene that epitomizes the Hennessy Very Special motto.

“All I Need” will come to life worldwide starting in 2021 and will continue to weave a global tapestry of talent and engaging creative communities, drawing Hennessy fans from around the globe.

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